Halls of Eternal Frost
Level 72 - 79

Region Cimmeria
Zone Atzel's Approach

Player Limit 6

Halls of Eternal Frost description here.

Unchained ModeEdit

Spirit of Un Nefer: You'll encounter four of these minibosses, they do magic damage to tanks, so some protection will help, and they spawn lots of adds. Kill the adds. The 4th miniboss will also stun random players click on the player to unstun them. 

After you've killed the 4th Spirit of Un Nefer, pick up the sand on the balcony(on every character), and jump down to clear for the boss inn the first big room. The statues will now be alive.

Soul of Un NeferEdit

He's the first real boss and his abilities are the same as the minibosses have combined. He primarily just spawn adds.The 8 statues that stand around him will come alive on a timer, when the last statue come alive the boss will  instant kill the team. So it's a dps race to kill boss before timer runs out and also to kill all the adds he spawn.

It's a good idea to fill up the team with classes that can spellweave to burn down adds. One tank on the boss, he takes what adds he can, and one Off-tank on the adds. It's a good idea to have all the mages in one spot and the offtank infront of them taking the adds.

Team setup should be 2xTanks, 3xSpellweaving mages/priests, 2nd healer.

Example: 1xGuardian,1xDT, 1xNecro,1xDemo,1xTos,1xBS

Alternative: 1xGuardian,1xDT,1xNecro,1xTos,1xPoM,1xRogue/Hox/demo

Acheronian WarlordEdit

The last and final boss of the instance, notice that he does not aggro you on sight so you can go upclose to take a look at the room.

There's 8 status in the room, 4 close to him and 4 further away in the corner. The 4 closest will come alive after about 3 minutes and the 4 further away will come alive 1 minute later(4 minutes). 

The sand you picked up earlier does two things it can remove his heal, and it apply damage to him (1% damage every 3 seconds or 20% every minute) The sand have 1 minute cooldown when used. When the boss cast "Cry of Acheron" he removes the sand damage debuff.

It's ideal to apply the sand all the time, to achive this you have to put up a rotation of some sort so that you have one guy who use the sand at the beginning then another when he removes it, and so on. Players should also use sand to remove the heal.

  • Shatterfield: Spellcast targeted at a random player, the targeted player must run behind one of the statues in the room, and then the shatter cast will kill the statue before it comes alive. When the cast ends there will be a big AOE damaging any player nearby the targeted player so it's important that the rest of the team run away from the targeted player. 

Also notice that when the player get close to the statue the spellcast ends, so the targeted player should be aware that there's noone around him when he close in to the statue he wants to kill. The faster the team gets away on shatter cast the faster you can kill the statue and return to boss. 

The distance a player will take damage is quite large, so if you run to the closest statues while the boss is still in the center you'll kill any dps/healer at boss location. So the team must run away from boss at this point, one solution could be to pull the boss away from the center of the room and tank him somewhere else so that the dps can stay on him all the time without running away, so that only the targeted player runs away.

  • Flames of Acheron:  This is a frontal cone spell cast right after Shatterfield, just stay away from front of boss at the end of the cast, and attack from the back instead.

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