Nothing much known about this fellow, however Gametrailers has some combat footage, he's near the last 1/2 of it.

This small giant (level 21) has appeared twice near the encampent at the bottom of Conall valley. He seemed glitched and in a stuck animation both times. Unknown where he originated from however the Morough gaurds attacked him. When he finally died he didn't fall just stood there.

If attacked by a player, it appears that the Half Giant will pursue the player, ignoring all other NPCs. It will pursue the player until either it or the player is dead. This author speaks from experience. The XP gained from killing this creature appears to be disproportionate to the effort involved, as it has such high health and deals significant damage for it's level.

This author, when level 28, encountered the creature and was pursued the full length of Connall's Valley all the way to the gate to Conarch Village. After imbibing a total of 8 each of Maulsmeed and Klamath Wine potions, and nearly ten minutes of combat, this author got 124 XP for the kill and it dropped no loot. If you do not attack it, however, it will ignore you. Not worth the effort; recommend ignoring this creature should you see it.

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