This page is a list of guilds that have accomplished a particular task (usually by defeating a major boss). The list should not be taken to be 100% accurate, as it only contains data that has been submitted/added by users of the community. Thus, if you have information you can add, and contribute to the list, it will become more complete.

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1. 80% of the members attending the raid must be in the guild.

2. A boss with an * represents a server first kill.

3. If the time between two guilds killing a raid boss for the first time on the server is very close or unknown and close, then both these guilds will get credited for a server first.

4. If a significant change was made to a raid boss, all accomplishments on that raid boss will be reset

5. If you are adding your guild to the list, please stay with the alphabetical order of the listing.


Kills that were done through an alliance or that which would be called a pug (pick up group) will not be counted here.

Tier 1 Raids Edit

Tier 1 Progression:
  • Kyllikki's Crypt
  • Champion of the Honourguard
  • Kyllikki
  • The Dragon's Lair
  • Vistrix

  • Yahkmar's Cave
  • Yahkmar

Guild Kyllikki's Crypt The Dragon's Lair Yahkmar's Cave
[Third Time Lucky] Farm Farm Farm

Tier 2 Raids Edit

Black Ring Citadel
  • Wing 1
  • Excorant the Gargoyle Master
  • Yaremka the Soul Eater
  • Sabazios the Insane
  • Wing 2
  • Ahazu-Zagum
  • Incubus-Succubus
  • Seruah
  • Chatha the Commander of Demons
  • Wing 3
  • Athyr-Bast the Shadow Master
  • Leviticus

Wing 1
Guild Excorant Yaremka Sabazios
[Third Time Lucky] Farm Farm Farm

Wing 2
Guild Ahazu-Zagum Incubus-Succubus Seruah Chatha
[Third Time Lucky] Farm Farm Farm Downed

Wing 3
Guild Athyr-Bast Leviticus

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