Guild Information
Guild name Vigilant Addiction
Timezone CST (ANY)
Language English
Server Type PvE (Regular)

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: Vigilant Addiction
  • Guild Website:
  • Guild Forums:
  • IRC: None
  • Main Time Zone: CST
  • Guild Leader: Founders (Listed on Website)
  • Guild Recruiter: Founders
  • Guild category: (PvE, PvP, Raid, Other): PvE - Battlekeeps
  • Roleplay: On own accord.
  • Voice: Teamspeak 2
  • Recruiting members status: Recruitment OPEN
  • Server type: Regular, PvE
  • Platform: PC
  • Age: Mature

About us Edit

Or detailed information about our guild please visit our website and look at the charter.


This charter is a guidelines for all members of the guild and should be understood by all members and recruits before applying for membership. Our official raid operations take place Sunday through Thursday thus giving members the weekends off to tend to family and friends. If you have any questions please contact the Guild Leader or an Officer. Weekend raids are still allowed to be put together and are expected to be but on a call-by-call basis [they aren't a continual set-time].

Mission Statement

Vigilant Addiction is a mature gaming guild aimed at both PvP and PvE content. Our guild will focus on strong relations with ally guilds in an effort to defeat and conquer our opposition. We will ensure victory by making sure all members are active and properly equipped to do their duty.



The following is a list of guild titles and their roles.

  • Please note that all ranks and their names are currently under revision.

Guild Leader/Founder – Responsible for ensuring the guild is running at optimal levels at all times and getting reports from the lead officers for each section of the guild. The guild leader uses his warlords as advisors in most decisions, but ultimately has the final say. Warlord – The warlords are the guild leader's right hand advisors. In the absense of the guild leader the warlords may step in if the situation requires a quick resolution. PvE Legion Officer – Responsible for organizing and arranging PvE raids and ensuring optimal group makeup. PvP Legion Officer – Responsible for organizing and arranging PvP raids and making sure VA leaves their footprint in the face of all opposition. Recruitment Officer – Familiarizes all new recruits with the application process and makes sure the “weeds are picked” from the garden. Centurion - A select number of professional members that are choosen to lead a full squad during PvP and/or PvE raids. Members – This is the bread and butter of our ranks. If you’re not an officer or a recruit, you’re a member. Recruit – Anyone with a recruit status is going through the three week incubation period while we test to see if they fit with VA. All recruits are on a probationary status and are restricted in terms of access to loot and other full member access.


Vigilant Addiction follows a strict recruitment policy. We are neither elitists or overly casual in nature and we require active members and approval by a majority vote before any member is accepted into the guild. Any member that is applying for the guild will be given a 3 week testing period to get to know the guild and to see if they are a good fit for our community. All recruits should be sent to the recruitment forum so that the proper officer can get them acquainted with the guild.



All members are expected to behave in a mature fashion while in Vigilant Addiction. While you carry the VA tag you are a part of this guild and any actions you take are seen and recorded by the community, so it is expected that you follow all guild rules at all times. We expect you to leave your Real Life drama at the door when you login or join the communication server.


VA prides itself on very mature and efficient game play. We are a very cooperative and tight knit guild that thrives on community building and ensuring every member is not just another number. It is expected for everyone to be active both in game and post on the forums at least once a week. If you are unable to be online for longer than a 2 week period please contact an officer and let them know of your inactive status. If any character is inactive for longer than 1 month, without notice, they will be removed from the guild and have to re-apply.


The lines of communication within the guild are always open vertically across all members. If a situation ever arises in which two members are in conflict, the internal affairs officer must be notified as soon as possible. Any guild conflict ever carried out in public chat where others can see outside the guild is grounds for suspension or immediate termination.

Grouping (PvE & PvP)

PvE – During raids there will always be an elected officer in charge of inviting and arranging the raid. This person will have knowledge of the battle and should be prepared for any situation that may arise to overcome it. Raids that require more than one group will have sub-officers [that work with the raid officer] assigned to them to keep things organized and moving smoothly.

If there is no raid scheduled for the week and a member wishes to take part in another guild’s raid that is needed there is no problem with that. Please note that you carry the VA tag at all times and do as good as job as if it were an official VA raid. We pride ourselves on efficiency and knowing our classes.

PvP – Always listen to your raid leader and stay with the group so that no conflict arises. Should you disagree with a raid leaders decision you should wait until the raid is over before discussing his/her actions.

VA will have active PvP raids on specified targets weekly. While we do take advantage of all available PvE content, VA is a very PvP oriented guild and will make itself known in that regard.


Vigilant Addiction has the right to change the charter at any time. If you are interested in joining our ranks please post in the recruitment forum and tell us a little about yourself. We hope you find yourself at home with VA.

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