Guild Information
Guild name Victrix VI Legion
Timezone GMT + 1
Language Norwegian
Server Type RP-PvP

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: Legio VI Victrix / Victrix Legion
  • Guild Website:
  • Guild Forums:
  • Main Time Zone: GMT + 1
  • Guild Leader: Khamul
  • Guild Recruiter: Calfuray
  • Guild category (PvE, PvP, Raid, Other): All categories
  • Roleplay: For those intrested, we encourage our members to RP
  • Voice: Ventrilo 3+
  • Recruiting members status: Reqruiting people from Scandinavia ca.45 active
  • Server type: PvP-RP
  • Platform: PC

About us Edit

Legio VI Victrix is a Norwegian guild. The name comes from Legio VI Victrix that was an Roman Legion, from the Rome Empire timeperiod. The legion earned the title Victrix - the Victorious soon after it was founded. The legion mainly contained veterans, and skilled soldiers, and is one of the legions that has gained most glory and reknown for their fighting skills.

Our main goal is to have fun together, and that playing dosn't become work. Ofcurse we also wish to become strong and great, but not on the expense of our fun. We wish to build a good community where it's easy to make friends, where friends meets up, and plays together.

Our plans ahead is first of all get more members, and become larger. Once we get together a stabile guild, we will try to become part of alliances, and venture into the Borderkingdoms.

We wish members with different playerstyles. We need people for PvP events, PvE raids and people crafting and mining. We will be playing on a RP-PVP server, however Roleplaying won't be a requirment in our clan, though we encourage people to RP. Since we will have such a large variation og playerstyles will there also be arranger guild events for it, we will have mining ops, raids, pvp events and alike. We will be using VOIP, like Ventrilo or In Game VOIP depending on whatever can offer us the best solution for our needs.

We're looking for members that are: Active Mature Teamplayers Norwegian, Swedish, Danish

If you are intrested and wish to join, visit us at and send a join application Or conntact us ingame.

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