Guild Information
Guild name Veneratio
Timezone (-9 GMT) - (-5 GMT)
Language English
Server Type RP-PvP
Realm Name Bane

Background; Veneratio was the largest and highest level hardcore elite guild of recent release Hellgate London. For various reasons many people of the guild have decided to change gears and start playing Age of Conan. The guild leader of Veneratio also has a history in other guilds and games including a very successful end game raiding and player versus player guild in World of Warcraft among others.

Mission Statement; Veneratio plans on being a large, but closely knit community of hardcore and dedicated gamers interested in creating a name for ourselves as both a formidable guild in player versus player combat as well has holding and maintaining an impressive battle keep fueled by player versus environment gaming. Don't forget that we like to gank and graveyard camp anyone who is a lower level then us and the only time we attack anyone of equal level is when we outnumber them. Asshats of Bane

What We offer; Veneratio has a lot of experience in managing a guild. We have ventrilo, forums, a massive and detailed custom website and more. We have administrative tools built into the website so the guild may run, like automated applications, website skins, databases of character information and a guild bank! We invite you to check it out, we may just be the most sophisticated guild out there!

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