Guild Information
Timezone MULTPLE
Language English
Server Type PvE
Realm Name Wiccana

General Information Edit

About us Edit

The Varangian Order guild is about having fun. Our members are a combination of serious player versus player fanatics, dedicated crafters, casual players and even role players, who all play to help each other and have fun! If you are an immature, rude, impatient power-gamer, please join another guild, you won't enjoy our guild.

The Varangian Order, is a guild created to function as both a role-playing (RP), and player versus player (PVP) Guild. If you enjoy role-playing, you will find it, if you enjoy player versus player combat, you will find the Varangian Order guild also fits your play style.

You do not have to be a dedicated role player to join our guild, nor do you have to view PVP combat as your primary function either. The Varangian Order blends both worlds to allow for a more creative and fun gaming experience for RP and PVP alike.

Role-playing Mission:

To provide an enjoyable and realistic role-playing experience for every member who wishes to participate.

There are no set rules for how you role-play your character, all you have to do is submit a description of your character and his/her background, then its up to you, your imagination is your only limitation. If you fully enjoy role-playing, then be sure to attend the events, which the Varangian Order guild members hold that involve role-playing. If you feel you have an idea for an event, submit its time, date and full description for consideration by the leadership.

Player versus Player Mission:

The primary goal is for every guild member to have fun and enjoy their PVP game play experience. There are two main functions for PVP in the Varangian Order:

1) To conquer and hold territory/battle keeps/towers so that the guild and its membership benefits fully from the increased bonuses.

2) The Varangian Order will not play the passive role when it comes to PVP and siege warfare; the order will actively pursue its own goals both by aggressive combat action and diplomatic means (the order will hold both PVP and RP-PVP events on a regular basis, and conduct training exercises to improve our overall team combat capabilities).

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