Guild Information
Guild name United By Legend
Timezone Eastern Standard Time Zone
Language English
Server Type PvE

General Information Edit

About us Edit

    United by Legend was created to be a place to come and relax with friends. A place to laugh and have fun and take a break from all those real world responsibilities you carry on your shoulders everyday. The guild is here to provide you all the tools you need to have a fulfilling experience within the world of Hyboria. Many guilds exist to brag about being the top PVP guild on a server for example. Claiming to have the best players, the best gear, and the most money. At the end of the day what does that leave them? One more thing they feel they are obligated to doing, another job. Age of Conan is a game. To us here at UBL, a game is a form of entertainment and thus we do everything we can to make sure your experience stays that way. We focus ourselves on community, generosity, and commitment to each other over all others in game. UBL is an environment where you can turn to anyone in the guild for help and know that we have your back. Friendship, camaraderie, laughter, and lasting memories of an enjoyable time away from the everyday. This is what United By Legend provides for you. We are a very active guild we raid 4 nights a week and pvp, run quest groups or dungeons on the other three. We are currently on Chatha and have Wing One all of Tier One and most of wing two on farm. We have a complete Tier 3 city so you could max out any of your trade skills. UBL is pretty low key we just want to have a good time get a few laughs but most of all we want to be successful. If interested in tagging along and getting a feel for who we are and how we handle ourselves feel free to PM me or ask for any officer in global.---Thyre

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