General Information

Guild Name TwentyFourSeven
Server Soulstorm
Guild Website
Server Type PvP
Timezone GMT
Guild Leaders Zaad
Guild Recruitment Zaad,Oldboy
Guild Type PvP/PvE
Recruitment Status Open
Restrictions Age 17+

Guild Information
Guild name TwentyFourSeven
Website [1]
Forums [2]
Timezone gmt
Language english
Server Type PvP
Realm Name Soulstorm

About us

24/7 was an end game pve pvp guild once upon a time in world of warcraft Stormscale server with over 20 Field Marshals Grand Marshals,gladiators etc. We will try to get strong in AoC too both pve and especially PvP!We are looking for exceptional players with mmo/pvp experience,whisper me in game if u are interested cause our forum is closed atm(fixing the login procedure). Ranks ,guild schedule ,organization etc will soon posted on forums when we have them up...

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