Guild Information
Guild name Thunder River Company
Timezone EST - PST
Language English
Server Type PVE
Realm Name Wiccana

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: Thunder River Company
  • Guild Website:
  • Guild Forums:
  • IRC: NA
  • Main Time Zone: EST to PST
  • Guild Leader: Marcos, Sanaa, and Milkayla
  • Guild Recruiter: Marcos, Sanaa, or Milkayla
  • Guild category (PvE, PvP, Raid, Other): PVE
  • Roleplay: Hardcore Roleplay Guild
  • Voice: Vent
  • Recruiting members status: Open
  • Server type: PVE
  • Platform: PC
  • Age: Mature - 18 or 21 depending upon laws of consent where you live.

About us Edit

Amberale? Aye, I have been to Amberale for trade and lived to tell the tale. You’ll not find your average riff-raff or soft body there amongst the Thunder River Company, no sir. I tell you, Amberale is one place where men and women fight and love with a passion, each knowing that this day may be their last. Why? It is located in the Poitain hills, on the border of Aquilonia and Zingara. They have a village and keep there, which constantly clash with Pict raiders and worse beasties in those mountains. Theirs is a struggle of survival, not like we folk here in Tanasul, no sir.

Amberale is in Aquilonia, but its isolation makes the local lords the real power there. You see, when King Conan sent out his call for adventurers to buttress his forces, Amberale was a border keep under siege. The place was broken, and burned, the local nobles killed to a man. Some of the villagers survived by hiding in the forest. It was the timely arrival of The Thunder River Company sent by the King who turned the tide and retook the place. Now, they hold it under some council, and are seeing it is rebuilt. The King and Baron leave them be down there. So long as they hold that bastion and pay their tributes it will probably continue that way.

Those folk have a tough row to hoe, let me tell you. The raids continue up there, even more intense than before. But those raiders have met their match with the Thunder River Company. Those 'River Reavers' as some call 'em are quite organized and their barges travel from Zingara to Cimmeria. Anyone who has been near that river any length of time has seen them. Those mercenaries work for nobles and merchants alike as well. Their barges occasionally make it up here to Tanasul and Galparan. They have a strong reputation for fair dealing, but don't cross ‘em. Need something transported, need passage down river, need someone found, or need something acquired – start with them. What? You are looking for work? Just talk to one of their barge captains - most likely they will give you free passage to Amberale for an interview. Be certain though, if it doesn't work out you may find yourself walking back. Need to sell something – a slave, horse, or weapons – it doesn't matter what; the barge Captain may find you a fair price for those as well.

Thunder River Company is a guild formed to pursue roleplay and enjoy all aspects and themes of Age of Conan. Our main philosophy can be summed up in three words: Roleplay, Community, and Reputation. We seek mature roleplayers (18+) who can handle the themes in the world of R.E.H. This does not mean members are forced to engage in activities or participate in roleplay they are not interested in. However, members are aware and accept that such roleplay may be present in the guild.

We are a neutral aligned guild, some of us will be good, some of us evil, and some of us in-between. We promote dynamic characters for our members, encouraging complicated personas with both merits and flaws. We cringe at stereotypes or "God Mod" characters who try to bring something into the game that is not playable per the rules i.e. vampires, demons, werewolves, etc. TRC provides a vehicle for bringing diverse character types from all three playable races together. Diversity in our membership will ensure roleplay opportunities remain vibrant. Not all of our characters will get a long, and that is OK, so long as the issues remain with the characters and not the players.

We hope you take the time to review our site, or information, and ask any questions that you may have. If you choose to join us, then we gladly await your application. If you choose to move on down the river, then may you have a safe journey and hopefully find what you are looking for.

Who is the Thunder River Company?

The Thunder River Company is a heavy roleplay guild based upon an mercenary company that centers on the Thunder River which stretches from near the Cimmeria border down through Aquilonia and into Zingara to the sea. Our base is in Poitain along the Aquilonia Zingara border. Our members come from all over, including Stygia, Cimmeria and Aquilonia.

We have built into our lore a solid explanation for adventurers from different walks to have come together and travel around the world on different adventures. We hope our diversity and neutral stance will provide an environment of rich characters that will promote interaction roleplay.

Visit our site to explore our lore further. [1]

What kind of guild is TRC?

Thunder River Company is a guild formed to pursue roleplay and enjoy all aspects of Age of Conan. Our main philosophy can be summed up in three words: Roleplay, Community, and Reputation.

Roleplay: This is our principal consideration in creating our guild. We are a hard-core roleplay guild. We expect our members to want to be in character most of the time. It is also important for us as a guild to remain lore driven in our efforts. While we know sometimes this is difficult due to lack of information we will assist our members in any way possible in this area.

Community: Succeeding as a community that cares about its members as family. People first. Helping our membership succeed in whatever area that may be. Building our community on the server and expanding our roleplay to include other guilds and individuals.

Reputation: Our membership and the people we look to invite have initiative, they are willing to take part in guild enhancement, and they work to create a strong roleplay environment. We are friendly, honest and willing to help even outside of guild. Being upstanding citizens in the Wiccana community is a pride we hold dear.

PVP: As we are not on a PVP server this will not be a primary focus of ours. However we will be involved in PVP when the opportunity presents itself, I.E. guild wars, organized participation on battle fields.

What is different about TRC?

The Thunder River Company hopes to provide an atmosphere that maintains the spirit of world created by Robert E. Howard and embraces the MA rating of the game by Funcom. Our roleplay will encompass adult themes presented by both – including violence, slavery, adult content, etc.

Where is the guild located?

TRC is makes it home on the unofficial PVE roleplay server which is Wiccana. We are a US server based guild. The guild city, Amberale, will be located in Poitain.

You mentioned mature RP themes – what does that mean?

The world of Hyboria is not the fair and politically correct world that most of us live in today. Smarting off to someone in Conan’s world is a good way to get your skull crushed. Also, such institutions as slavery and human sacrifice still exist in this time. These are types of things you may encounter while roleplaying with the TRC. Do you want to be a slave like Conan was in the first film? Do you want to own slaves? Do you want to perform rights for Set on unwilling victims or torture a prisoner until they talk. These are the types of things we deem mature RP themes and are not suited for children under the legal age of consent.

How is slavery handled?

There are guidelines you must follow in order RP this relationship within the Company. Slaves have certain rights and Masters have certain obligations. Furthermore, limits are set between parties OOC before RP begins. Officers are available if the agreed upon boundaries are not respected by either party.

How do I find more info about joining?

Visit our website at [2]

What are the requirements for joining?

You must be 18 or 21 depending upon the legal age of consent where you live. You must submit an acceptable application. You must be willing to RP and abide by the guild guidelines.

Must I participate in roleplay and to what extent?

Guild chat is an "in character" means of communicating and is considered within Amberale (just as a forum posted scene mechanically - you aren't physically there), however, limited OOC is allowed in guild chat with the parenthesis as (( OOC indicators )).

We do not force anyone to participate in any particular scene anywhere. All roleplay is consensual. However, it should be noted, all are encouraged to roleplay, both in game and on the forums as this is your method for connecting with the rest of the guild. We do require speech in the channels "/say" as well as /guild to be i character. Within /group or /tell conversations you can determine with your partner(s) how much ((OOC)) conversation to have.

I didn't see mention of any voice chat requirements? What are they?

We feel that much of the immersion into roleplay is lost by use of voice chat programs and do not wish to compromise roleplay due to this. At a later date we may change our stance on this policy but until then, we have no voice chat.

What is your policy on alts?

We believe in accepting a player versus accepting a single character. As such, all alts are welcome in TRC as long as a background is written and submitted to the character history forums. Once you, the player, are accepted, all of your characters are. If we see a problem with a character not being based on Conan lore, we reserve the right to discuss this with you and ask for adjustments.

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