Guild Information
Guild name The Warders

Timezone All
Language Primarily English all are welcome as long as we communicate some way.
Server Type Hyperborea RPPVP

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: The Warders
  • Guild Website:
  • Guild Forums:
  • IRC
  • Main Time Zone:All
  • Guild Leader:Lord Ashur Hathcok
  • Guild Recruiter:to be ann.
  • Guild category (PvE, PvP, Raid, Other):Para military Collective
  • Roleplay: Free form Light-heavy.
  • Voice: depends on Guild interest.
  • Recruiting members status: Yes, If you see a member ask him/her about it. We also so do weekly its not the best way, but some of the best members were randoms in the birth of our guild. Sometimes the newer players get snapped up so quick with randoms from Massive inactive guilds they never get the chance to explore, Well most of ours have stayed, they notice right away our blend of RP, Humor, and Focus.We're small but all of our players are active and thats who we look for.
  • Server type: RP PvP
  • Platform: PC
  • Age: We're mostly adults or adults most of the time. One or the other!

About us Edit

Easy!Whats special about our Guild? It's the strong vibrant characters we have. 90% of our guild chat is RP , but a special, very natural and opened eyed RP. We're are the friends that are in the tavern boasting and laughing about our adventures turning heads and generating a mutual respect among the other guilds.

The Quartermaster Corps issues the following recommendation to all members-

 If you are "ganked" or "griefed" please do the following when possible:
 1.  Defend yourself and teach the ganker not to mess with you <grin>.
 2.  Press F11 key to capture a screenshot of the infamy.
 3.  Note down the ganker's name, Guild if there is one, approximate time of the event, and general location.
 4.  Mail the details from step 3 to the Quartermaster for recording in:

The Warders' Guild Sacred Book of: Attacks, Atrocities, and Other Abhorrent Deeds Done to; Our Honored Members, Faithful Friends, Acclaimed Allies, and Other Innocent or Incidental Persons of Note and Worth to Our Polity.

Also known as the Warders' Book of Grudges

Also known as: BoG

Opened This Day of October 24, 2008 and Never Forgotten Since

Page, the First:

Let it be known to all readers of this sacred tome that the following unjust and unannounced attacks, and other forms of treachery, have been done to Warders Guild members of good standing and (or) to other persons of worthy note to the Warders Guild by the testimony of those innocents so afflicted.

All Guild members of good standing are exhorted to apply the Guild Lord's word such that:

1. Justice shall be weighed for these foul actions. 2. Suffering price (wergeld) shall be named for these despicable deeds. 3. Wergeld shall be collected in full for these vile depredations upon person and property. 4. Lessons in humility shall be taught to these accursed ones when, and how, the means present themselves.

The following is a sample entry in our BoG:

Entry the seventh: 11-10-08 In the town of Tesso, the essence-of-faithlessness-and-dishonor called "Sxxxxx" did accost the Honorable Warder-in-training "Lxxxxx" as she did go about her lawful purposes. The thing "Sxxxxx" then made strenuous efforts to overawe and berate our comrade to act as a beast of burden and carry it's demand for conversation to Milord "Hxxxxx."

Though still only in training and not nearly powerful enough to face "Sxxxxx"-thing alone, honorable "Lxxxxx" did laugh in the face of that villain and its many high powered Guildmates as she alerted Milord to this attempt at intimidation.

Milord, and all Warders available, did rally to Tesso to confront this enemy force despite being outnumbered at least three to one and overmatched by sheer physical power (1 level 80, 3 level 70+, and 1 level 22 versus multiple level 80s, 70s, and other lesser ranks none lower than 33).

Repeatedly did these opposing forces close in battle and there was much giving and taking of great hurt. However, as before, the would-be-but-not-a-man "Sxxxxx" did begin a battle and then run away leaving its followers to carry on the conflict.

Despite being cast down all too often, the five Warders did maintain their lines, honor, and presence on the field until the enemy finally withdrew. Moreover, Milord did negotiate a fair and honorable peace with the Guild "Uxxxxx Ixxxxx" who was, at the time, allied to the well named "Bxxxxx Sxxxxx."

The names of the Warders present for this are: Milord "Hxxxxx" Milady "Lxxxxx" The Warder Champion of Retribution "Uxxxxx" The Warder-in-training (but already well versed in honor) "Lxxxxx" Your humble chronicler Sir "Kxxxxx"

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