Guild Information
Guild name The Usual Suspects
Timezone All over North America
Language English

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: The Usual Suspects
  • IRC:
  • Main Time Zone: All over North America
  • Guild Leader: JORMAN! Jay, PopTart
  • Guild Recruiter: PopTart
  • Guild category (PvE, PvP, Raid, Other):
  • Roleplay: No
  • Voice: Ventrilo - 50 Man
  • Recruiting members status: we take only the best!
  • Server type: PvP
  • Platform: PC
  • Age: all ages welcome.

About us Edit

The Usual Suspects are a tight knit group of gamers that have been together since 2001. We have competed in many different avenues of gaming including: Unreal Tournament, Command and Conquer Series, RtCW/ET(Quakecon Winners 2004) Knight Online, CSS, Guild Wars, and WoW. We always strive to be the best and we are best described as a hardcore group of PvP'ers. But more specifically, we revel in the thrill of ganking players 40, even 50 levels lower than our own. This keeps things exciting. jason where are thou?

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