General Information

Guild Name The Skull Monkeys
Motto War: When you in it, you in it...
Guild Website
Server Type PvP
Timezone US
Guild Leaders Torngarsuk, Dramatika and Knuck
Guild Recruitment All full members
Guild Type PvP/PvE
Recruitment Status Open 24/7
Restrictions Age 18+

TSM Guild Charter


This charter should be read and understood by all Guild members. If you have any questions or remarks do not hesitate to contact an Officer or the Guild Master.

Mission Statement

The Skull Monkeys is a guild based on a universally-held ideal of domination, both absolute and eternal. To be a part of TSM is to accept this ideal, and once you roll with the Killa Beez, I mean REALLY roll with us, is to be in it for the duration. TSM 4 Life. As such, our focus is on building a strong guild with good relationships and the utmost of respect both in guild and outside our ranks. Our focus is on being one of the most feared and respected guilds in the game. Our focus is on PVP domination and PVE progression. But make no mistake. If you break the rules, you will be removed from our ranks. We are currently looking for members of all classes who have skills, maturity and above all, common sense.



Officers and Guild Masters The following is a list of requirements for the Officers and Guild Masters:

  • Be Respectful - not only of the Guild Members, but of everyone that they meet in game.
  • Willing to help - Help out around the guild whenever you can.
  • Willing to listen - Help Guild Members with their problems and listen to new ideas.
  • Communicate - Talk in officer chat and guild chat, communicating the problems and ideas that you've heard.
  • Knowledgeable - No one knows everything, but you should still be have a good knowledge of the game.
  • Committed - Officers should be committed to the well being and advancement of the Guild.
  • (Relatively) Positive attitude - Officers are expected to have a positive attitude in guild chat and with the Guild Members. Doubts and concerns may be expressed in officer chat or through the correct communication channels (e.g. forums).
  • >Note< This rule doesn't apply to Knuck. He's just mean as hell. Accept it.
  • Officers are role models for the new and younger members of the guild. Officers should act as we would like all Guild Members to act.
  • Abuse of the officers’ powers is not permitted. If you feel an officer is abusing their power, please inform the Guild Master.

To be promoted to the rank of Officer you must be nominated by an Officer and then seconded by another Officer. This will initiate a vote, with the final decision to be made by the Guild masters.

Guild Ranks


  • The rank of Alt is assigned to anyone who already has a character in the guild. Alts must also be on the same account as your main character.


  • Scrubs are initiates/recruits. This is the lowest rank of guild membership. To become a Scrub, you must be willing to follow the rules and must be able to convince a Guild Master that you not only know and will follow the rules, but also that you can play with a good understanding of the game, you will stay a scrub until you are eventually released or promoted to member status. Hopefully we will promote more than we release.


  • All members must be 18 years old or above. To attain Member status is to rise above the rank of Scrub and prove yourself worthy on the battlefield. TSM membership, real membership, has always been based on the ability to bring bring the pain and play with a certain lvl of skill. Make no mistake. We plan to rumble from day one. Member rank entitles you to certain privilages, which will be expanded upon after release.



  • The Officers are the enforcers. They are the disciplinarians. They are expected to be mature, fair, straight-talking and extremely skilled. They will be the individuals most trusted by the Guild Masters in matters that affect the guild. They will be actively involved in most, if not all, guild decisions. Officers are nominated by other Officers and appointed by the Guild Masters. Several Officers may also serve as Class Leaders (this rank is self-explanatory).

Guild Masters

Torngarsuk, Dramatika, and Knuck

  • The rank of Guild Master contains all of the rights and privileges there is. This is not a democracy. Guild Masters will make the decisions with the council of the Officers and suggestions from the rest of the guild. We are firm but fair. Enough said. To be promoted to GM is the ultimate in TSM, as it means that you have proven yourself worthy.
  • The Guild Masters are GMs for life, and our devotion to TSM has been more than proven over the last 8 years. There is no resigning.


New Scrubs must read the guild charter. To become a member, decide if you have what it takes then approach someone in game or post on the forums. All Officers will have the ability to recruit and invite to guild. GMs will make the decision on promotion in Rank.


  • The main means of communicating with each other is the forum. Use them to tell the rest about your game experiences, to post screenshots, to form a party to do instances, to plan raids, etc. and to check for news from the Guild Master, Officers, or others. Check it often!
  • We expect our members to adhere to the forum rules.

Guild Events

  • GMs and Officers will organize events like Instance runs etc. It is expected that Members try to get as involved as possible with these events if they have characters suitable for them.
  • Guild events will be scheduled by Guild Officers, Class Leads, and the Guild Masters only.



  • Silly shit will not be tolerated. Period.
  • It is expected that all members of the Guild treat each other with respect.
  • Be respectful to everyone at all times. As a member of TSM, you represent not only

yourself but the rest of the guild.

Partying Raids and Instances

  • Loot rules are clear. It's based on DKP and common sense. Loot whores will not be tolerated, and strict loot sense will be enforced, even when Officers and GMs are not in the group. This will be a fair and rewarding loot system. (officers and GMs will NOT be the first geared) Loot will be done based on a DKP system, No loot council...but It will be handled fair and with whats best for the guild, which also means not giving priority to GMs and officers. Examples of Looting systems are: Need before Greed, Roll on BoE, Pass on BoP, DKP etc.

  • Members are expected not to pick unnecessary fights with people from outside the Guild. However, should the behavior of an external person in a party/raid be utterly intolerable (e.g. ninja-looting, verbal abuse), all members are encouraged to stick together, and, if appropriate, to warn the Guild as a whole against these persons.

Resources and Crafting

  • This will be an important part of the game and success of the guild, as our ultimate goal is to build and defend a city of our own. More to come on this after release...

This Charter will expand as we get a better feel for the dynamics of the game. Stay tuned...

Let the Domination begin. TSM 4 Life.

We're here to dominate. Plain and simple. Check out our Guild Charter to determine if TSM is the right guild for you.

Guild Information
Guild name The Skull Monkeys
Timezone US
Language English
Server Type PvP
Realm Name Stormrage

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