Guild Information
Guild name The Shipwrecked Pirates
Language English
Server Type PvP

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: The Shipwrecked Pirates
  • Guild Website:
  • Guild Forums:
  • Main Time Zone: MST
  • Guild Leader(s): Cap'n Arnie, First Mate Maj
  • Guild category: PvP, RP, Sieging, Asset Destruction
  • Roleplay: Yaarr!
  • Voice: Ventrilo
  • Recruiting members status: Recruiting on hold until 1 month after release
  • Server type: PvP (Doomsayer)
  • Platform: PC

About Edit

The Shipwrecked Pirates lost our ship in da summer of ’03 upon da Mourning coast of Aerynth in Shadowbane. Dis crew be melded of many brawlers an champions from empires dat found dere way o’ life changed following sieges dat re-shaped da map upon Mourning. Many o Mournings lubbers defined demselves as a roleplayer first, however, Shadowbane’s unrestricted player vs player atmosphere created the challenge to RP and PvP. Dis crew stands out fer keelhaulin’ our enemies, pillaging dere towns an ravishing da wenches.

Whilst battling enemies, our pirates be “in character” at all times in public channels. Much as we enjoy da battles, we also appreciate da players dat bring us de challenges. Our fights be fought on da battlegrounds, not by whispering trash in da enemies ear or scrawlin’ graffiti on any walls. The TSP code mandates dat all pirates exhibit good sportsmanship and respectable gaming practices. Now ye might say ye saw a pirate undertake some dirty, double-crossing, sneaky, blood-thirsty scheme dat dey bested you wit. Wot can I say ? We be pirates. Bein’ tricksy is allowed, cheatin’ never is.

Dis crew be under da command o’ Cap’n Arnie an First Mate Maj. He be leadin us about circumnavigatin’ da terrain, barshing arses and breaking into supplies o’ grog and booty. All pirates gots a voice in wot da crew be doin’, but da Cap’n be keeping’ da peace, makin’ sure no mutiny breaks out. Lots o’ rum, loose wenches and fancy cabin boys can sure keep dis band o’ miscreants happy.

If’n ye be lookin’ ta sign on ta our ship ya gots ta know we dun have no open recruitment. If none o’ us on da ship dun know ya, it ain’t likely ya getting aboard. Most o’ our mates be chums an family o’ da crew. Sometime we find a lubber dat be floatin’ around wit us an he fits in, so we keeps him.

All lubbers gots ta have a pirate sponsorin’ ‘em in. Dis way we know whose throat ta slit if’n dey turn on us. Pirates gots treasure maps and stores o’ booty ta protect after all. Da Cap’n runs a tight ship and fools dun be tolerated. Foolishness kin be quite amusing, an new sailors on da Salty Maid be required ta complete a Spirit Quest. In dis quest da lubbers gots ta show dere willingness ta become a pirate.

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