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Guild Information
Guild name The Shadows of Arn
Website Website

Timezone +1GMT
Language English
Server Type Soulstorm (EU)
Realm Name Stygia

The Shadows of Arn is an unique PvP guild designed for AoC.

About us Edit

[SoA]The Shadows of Arn © is an unique PvP Guild since 1992 in Ultima Online, and Shadowbane. The guild as a whole is essential for success in larger battles/sieges, our policy is strict related to future strategic campaigns in Age of Conan. Although, all members are valued highly, but pvp experience is necessary within the ranks of The Shadows of Arn guild. In addition, a strong unity is very important for us. SoA is currently recruiting loyal gamers who want to actively contribute to The Shadows of Arn guild. The purpose of The Shadows of Arn is to provide an enjoyable atmosphere where members can compete alongside capable friends.

The Shadows of Arn, an unique pvp guild designed for AoC.

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