Guild Information
Guild name The Sentinels
Timezone International, all timezones
Language English
Server Type RP-PvP
Realm Name Cimmeria

General Information Edit

About us Edit


The Sentinels -- Strength & Honor!

Keep it Fun: It's a Game, Not a Business!

Server: Cimmeria (US RP-PvP) Citizens: Aus, EU, N. America; all nations welcomed! Hyborian Races: All three welcome Role Play Friendly

We of the Sentinels bring you greetings, brothers and sisters...

The Sentinels are a Brother- and Sisterhood of mature adults aged 18+, united in a desire to cooperate, enjoy and assist each other in a shared MMO gaming experience. As such, casual/hard core; PvP/PvE; Role Players/non-Role Players; Crafters/non-Crafters all have a place among us.

Honorable and Courteous to Fellows: Being a mature guild, we demand that all our members treat each other in an honorable, courteous, and respectful manner at all times. While we acknowledge that human relations are never perfect, and that tensions between members will arise from time-to-time, we would prefer that any conflicts are handled at the lowest possible level, with officer intervention only when all other options have been exhausted. Also, we will not tolerate any "unnecessary drama" from our members: while we will always strive to protect the rights of our individual members, we will not allow any single person to hinder the enjoyment of the collective guild.

Honorable Reputation: The Sentinels have the intention of creating an honorable reputation among our Hyborian community and therefore will not tolerate Player Killing (PKing) of people who have not deserved such a fate; we are also against camping or grieving of any kind. We would rather, and to some extent expect that our members be well known for helping unknown players rather than senseless killing of people who have no malicious intent. While we strive to maintain an honorable existence, be assured we will rise up and take arms against those who do not share our values, and who prey upon characters significantly lower level, or character who have no possibility of defending themselves. We will make it our goal to be the guild that those who share our values will want to align themselves with; while those that do not share our values will make us their number one target.

Dedicated to Fun: The Sentinels above all, want to keep the game what it is intended for: fun. Guilds, rules, and structure are an added element which serve to enhance the game play of people; but when being part of a guild becomes laborious; when it starts to feel more like a 2nd job then it's no longer fun anymore. Our goal is to create & maintain such a structure that we are able to keep the fun in the guild while avoiding over-zealous, senseless rules that serve no real purpose.

Fairness & Equality: We are dedicated to maintaining fairness & equality within the guild ranks. We pledge to always strive to place the right person into the right positions, no unearned privilege will be given to those undeserving just because "they were friends with the officers."

The Sentinels are dedicated to the cause of professionalism and creating an environment that will foster great relations; to cooperation with allies, honorable treatment of neutrals, and merciless treatment of enemies. A guild exists to serve its membership, and its officers will hold the highest standards and unwavering dedication to the service of its membership.

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