Guild Information
Guild name The Ruckus
Timezone US
Language English
Server Type PVE
Realm Name Ajujo

General Information Edit

About us Edit

The Ruckus is recruiting knowledgeable players of both the hard core and casual player variety. Since the game has just come out we will generally be a leveling guild until we have enough members at the end-game level to transform into a more end-game oriented guild. We will be involved in end-game PVE and PVP activities, once we hit the requirements we will begin building our city as well. I intend to tackle as much end game content as possible and do so in a server dominating fashion.

Once we transition to focus more on end-game activities our recruiting guidelines will become more focused on recruiting more knowledgeable players. Ie. If you are new to MMORPGs or RPGs in general feel free to visit us after you have some exprience. We will play together and expect each member to know how to play their chosen role and how to work together to defeat our enemies, and conquer content. I am not concerned with recruiting the best players, but our members should always be proud to group with other members and feel that we are all on the same page when it comes to conduct and performance in game.

The Ruckus is built around a structure with set guild positions to promote contribution and involvement from all guild members rather than relying on a handful of leaders to run the guild. We have a set Code of Conduct and Rule structure that is posted for all to view so everyone knows what is expected and from the start and to avoid conflicts and guild drama. We welcome both the hard core and casual players, and while we will be an end game raiding/pvp guild we welcome those who are looking to play and join for the social aspects of the game. We have a full featured web site with forums, dkp mangement, image gallerys, ability to post videos, the whole 9 yards. As the guild grows we will get a vent server established.

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