General Information Edit

  • Main Time Zone: Pacific california
  • Guild Leader: Lordshred
  • Guild Recruiter: none
  • Guild category pve (PvE, PvP, Raid, Other):
  • Roleplay: roleplay welcome also
  • Voice: vent
  • Recruiting members status: recruiting
  • Server type:
  • Platform: PC

About us Edit

We are United States Based in California.We are also a Perfect guild for people doing Architect and Crafting right now.We will take anyone good at heart and knows right from wrong.We will continue Age of Conan and help participate in all aspects of the game.Created 12/03/2011.Godslayer Friendly.Laid back people having fun.Please help us to be on the books by joining site and becoming a member in guild.If you become a pay to play player we will help you as much as we can.If you are a free to play player we hope you decide to pay and get all the benefit so we may play together and have a lot of fun.I have five years of experience and would be glad to help you in any way i can. 

As far as I can tell we are the only guild to offer life long earned position level 5 in guild for Good Deeds.Founding Members has been open since 12/03/2011.The members that have 50 or more good deeds are Founding Members and life long level 5 officers in The Praetorian Guard.Detailed records of this event after 4 years.There are other ways to be officer if interested.I was so sad to be in other guilds and get passed up for promotion simply because i didnt beg for it or because i like to be silent ,so i created a way to get around that for others.

Founding Members 1 good deed unit =100 basalt=4g

Thease members are Founding Members for Life with level 5 access to guild anytime and are ambasadors for The Praetorian Guard no matter what guild they belong to.

Cado 107.00=10,700*=1.39% Crafterblue 725.00=72,500 basalt*=9.41% Lordshred 6,498.00=649,800 basalt*=84.32% Mrbadboy 50.00=5,000 basalt*=.65% Talmania 81.00=8,100 basalt*=1.5%

Thease people never completed training and are not officers but still have chance to become Founding Members if they complete the 50 Good Deeds before time runs out and city is completly finished.At that time Founding Members will be closed.

Archwant 35.00 Armandina 25.00 Bashatarian 11.00 Beardedbarb 1.0 Chestpillows 1.0 Dalomar 1.00 Grumpiest 3.0 Hectorirons 4.0 Kattugglan 22.00 Khordohk 14.0 Kiruja 1.0 Maxbattler 21.00 Neuferal 25.00 Pgvault 3.00 Redslinger 5.00 Rydelia 3.00 Selinga 5.00 Skrapnir 3.00 Skulict 2.00 Soekja 1.00 Vakthund 15.00 Vortgern 1.0 Wingblair 38.00 Yelenah 5.00

Total=7706 units = 770,600 basalt at 4g per 100 =30,824g total cost to build guild city not counting 3 years of farming time.

Percentage of help I recieved= 15.68% or out of 7,706 units I recieved 1,208

This guild never took anything from anyone for hand outs.All Founding Members earned there membership.

Guild Master Founding Father Lordshred on this day of our lord 11/30/2015. 

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