Guild Information
Guild name The Papacy

Timezone EST
Language English

  • Guild Name: The Papacy
  • Guild Website:
  • Main Time Zone: GMT
  • Guild Leaders in Masturbation: Pope_Urban  and Innocent-X  (the greatest circle jerkers of all time)
  • About Us:

The Papacy consists of failed gamers, having unfortunately been in guilds in Dark Age of Camelot and Guild Wars (where we suck the most). We have also played and been a key factor as the laughing stock of the community in various other games such as Shadowbane (where we lost an entire town due to our incompetence), Final Fantasy XI and Star Wars Galaxies (pre-NGE). We love to have a laugh, but realize the necessity of mature gamers to a stable, profitable guild. Since we are horrible on the latter 2 we need some serious help. That's why we need you! We intend to maintain a significant presence throughout The Border Kingdoms and other forms of PvP, as well as maintaining a healthy support base for our PvE adventures. However this did not happen at all. It's pretty embarresing actually. If you don't want to apply we'll understand. We can't even keep our website up. We basically suck all around and any help we can get will be much appreciated. We know it's a long shot but we have got to try.

  • Guild category (PvE): small group based PvE since we suck at PvP and can't field enough people for large raid scale content.
  • Roleplay: Enforced
  • Voice: Vent/TS preferred on PC.
  • Recruiting members status: Recruiting only morons since we do not want to be shown up.
  • Server type: FFA
  • Platform (PC only of course):

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