Guild Information
Guild name [TPT] The Pain Train
Timezone Eastern/Central (Doesn't really matter though)
Language English
Server Type Undecided

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: [TPT] The Pain Train
  • Guild Website:
  • Guild Forums:
  • IRC: None yet
  • Main Time Zone: Eastern/Central (Doesn't really matter though)
  • Guild Leader: Bdrx
  • Guild Recruiter: Helio
  • Guild category (PvE, PvP, Raid, Other): Competitive PvP
  • Roleplay: No
  • Voice: Ventrilo
  • Recruiting members status: Currently Recruiting
  • Server type: PvP
  • Platform: PC
  • Age: No real age requirement, but we do not accept overtly immature players.

Achievements Edit



  • Left Fury as the #1 ranked overall guild.
  • Placed 1st a total of 4 times in the Fury ladders, the most of any guild.
  • Placed 5th overall in the Fury Challenge *Note:some teams did compete "unfairly" in certain gametypes. The Game Developers decided they couldn't punish cheating.

Individual MembersEdit


  • Dischord : Top 10 ranked 5v5 Team
  • Dischord : Top 10 ranked 2v2 Team


  • Dischord : Ranked 6th on US East for 2 months


  • Ruh Roh  : Eternum Pariah - 1st place GvG ladder for 6 months
  • Ruh Roh  : Jet Li - 2nd place for whole season


  • Dischord  : Ranked 2nd as Assassin on US East
  • Dischord  : Ranked 1st LLD Necromancer + Assassin on US East


  • Ruh Roh  : Aduentus - Competitive PvP Guild
  • Ruh Roh  : DDW - Competitive PvP Guild


  • Ruh Roh  : Genesis - Top ranked in server


  • Helio  : CAL-O top 20 teams


  • Helio  : Top 10 ranked in deathmatch scenario
  • Helio  : Top 20 ranked in standard map scenario


  • Helio  : Achieved status of Major (top 2%)


  • Bdrx  : Top 15 ladder ranked

About us Edit

The Pain Train was started by a group of 6 random people in the game known as Fury. To get some background about us, you must understand a little about the game where we shined.


Fury was an extremely fast paced PvP-Only MMORPG. It did not use mana, or energy, or anything you would probably think of. Fury used something called the charge system, which was done beautifully. There was Fire/Water and Nature/Air. You had + charge abilities and - charge abilities. Using a +2 fire ability would give you 2 fire charges, for example. Fire and water were opposed and so were nature and air. This means if you used a +2 fire abilities, and then a +2 water ability, you would be back at zero charges. There were also - charge abilities, which were the more powerful abilities. These would require a certain amount of fire, nature, water, or air charges and would consume them in the process.

What really made the charge system shine, was charge manipulation.

Charge Manipulation was what made Fury intense, as if someone had lets say, 6 water charges; with a proper weapon equipped, you could swap their water and turn it into fire.

Seems overpowered? It really was, but it didn't matter because it added another layer to the game style.

People would charge manipulate their allies BACK to their original charges, people would bring skills that were intended to use up their opposing charge.

Now, imagine all of this, with damage pouring in, healing pouring in, and powerful CC abilities. Every ability had a counter, and thus, the game was extremely tactical. With a one second global cool down and high game speed, we thought of it as normal.

What makes what we are...

If you decided to read the section on Fury, then you would know that game had an extreme amount of layers. This amount of layers combined with an extremely fast game pace have made us accustom to it.

People on the AoC forums complain about the games speed? To me, thats hilarious, because compared to what I'm used to; AoC is slow.

We can easily shine in Age of Conan because we have the advantage; we have the experience; we have the skill; and we have the determination.

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