Guild Information

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: The Obsidian Legion
  • Guild Website: / Apply on forums
  • Main Time Zone: EST with some officers Mountain time
  • Guild Leader: Guild Council
  • Guild category (PvE, PvP, Raid, Other): We hope to end game raid/Siege PVP as a mercenary guild
  • Roleplay: guild has mild rp
  • Voice: Ventrillo required for all raiding/seige members
  • Recruiting members status: We are actively recruiting legionaires, become a core member by applying on the websites forums
  • Server type: RP/PVP
  • Platform: PC

About us Edit

Our guild is ruled by a council, with no set leaders. Members can be voted into the council by their fellow guild mates, serving a 2-4 week stint. Their is a chain of command. This will be run in a military fashion, although we intend to have fun and not be overtly strict and will not control our members.

We aim at being a mercenary guild, providing troops for coin which is then distributed throughout the guild. We aim to be large guild, constantly progressing in end game and owning a battlekeep. All are welcomed to join the Obsidian Legion.

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