Guild Information
Guild name The Mercenaries

Language English

== General Information ==

  • Guild Name: The Mercenaries
  • Guild Website:
  • Guild Forums:
  • Guild Leader: Nilzadar
  • Guild Recruiter: Yoshez
  • Guild category: (PvE, PvP, RP-PvP,Raid): Mainly PvP, though PvE of course
  • Voice: Teamspeak Server
  • Recruiting members status: Yes
  • Server type: Culture PvP
  • Realm: Twilight
  • Age: 20+

== Guild Info ==

Of course we got a long guild description: The Mercenaries is a friendly international group of players membercount: ~25, daily active 4-5). Guildmembers are encouraged to help each other in both advice and in missions and quests also. We don't require guildies to participate in any activity they don't feel like doing, but socializing ingame is a thing we enjoy mostly. We don't tolerate insulting other guildmembers, and most of the time other players (there is the case of self-defense of course ). Most of the guild is mostly in european timezones, so expect to see us in the evening hours of EU.

Language: English (we are an international guild, and English is the language we use to communicate) While we won't scream at the use of certain four-letter words, keeping language in line is important: noone wants to read excessive swearing on chat. Of course we don't tolerate racist or similar remarks, we are an open community, that doesn't want any of that. Also textspeak, leetspeak and the like are not welcomed in excess.

If you are not frightened away give this a try, here is the way to do it: Go here:

About us Edit

The Mercenaries Guild is an organization of gamers built around drama-free GAMING. There are a few core beliefs that we hold dear that are directly tied to that ideal. So, if you want to join Mercenaries, or continue to be a part of it, Go on our webpage, read about guild charter examine the following - learn it, live it, and love it

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