Guild Information
Guild name The Last
Timezone EST (GMT-5)
Language English
Server Type US, PvE

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: The Last
  • Guild Website:
  • Guild Forums:
  • IRC:
  • Main Time Zone: EST (GMT-5)
  • Guild Leader: Degarmo, Zara, Cero
  • Guild Recruiter: Degarmo, Zara, Cero
  • Guild category (PvE, PvP, Raid, Other): PvE/Mature
  • Roleplay: Some Roleplaying, however, there are no requirements to do so.
  • Voice: Teamspeak (used but not required)
  • Recruiting members status: Currently Recruiting
  • Server type: US, PvE Server
  • Platform: Our members are all PC users.
  • Age: 21+

About us Edit

We here at The Last are looking for... no not new members, not new people to group with, but new friends.

We are a group of friends, old and new, that understand that life comes first. We are what you would call a "Working mans guild". At the moment, our guild is active in Pirates of the Burning Sea (Morgan Server, British), Vanguard and will be active in Conan and WAR. Not everyone is in each game, but we all are active. Some, of course, are more active than others, however all of us keep in touch on our website and Teamspeak server. We are going to be playing other games as well in the future as we are a community of friends and not just a single-game guild. We are looking to share experiences across different games while still staying knit together as a guild.

Maybe you've been wondering about something new, but yet familiar. Maybe you've been looking for a place where the relationships are more prevalent than the items in a game. Maybe you've been looking for a community that's into more than just one game, allowing you to forge long-lasting relationships with people that span across several games . . . or even to be able to hang out when you're not playing any game at all with a group of friends online.

It's not really all about max level in minimum time, is it? Others game like this, but you don't. You're looking for something different – something that will be more comfortable to you. You don't consider yourself casual really, but you're also most definitely not able to put in the time to be considered hardcore (although you really wish you had that time sometimes).

Work/life/circumstances get in the way sometimes; you'd like to be somewhere people not only "get" that but experience it as well in their lives. You'd like to be a part of a community like that, something that embraces that and doesn't penalize for it.

You'd like your guild to be where everybody knows your name - NORM!

That's what we are at The Last.

We're a guild that's making the move to outreach to more like-minded individuals who are looking to be a part of a ground-floor opportunity - a chance to help build someplace special, something unique, that will not only provide a great gaming experience, but also a great friendship experience.

The type of people we are looking for are people that are intelligent, witty, and generally good-hearted people. We want people that understand the value of the individuals in the guild as friends not just people to group with when you want to play for a few hours.

If you are looking for a huge guild, where you are always surrounded by members, and always have members to group with, then we are not going to be the place for you right now. However if you want a place to call home where we game when we can, chat on Teamspeak, and find goofy stuff to post on our website, a place that you can walk away from for a bit to take care of real life issues, come back to and talk with everyone about those issues, and where we know your name not just your online persona, The Last is going to be exactly that. We're looking for folks that want to start small and help build a place that's worth being The Last guild you'll ever need to join.

If you're looking to help build someplace like this, then we'd love to have you along. Come by to see what we're all about. We've been established as The Last since January of 2007. Check out our FAQ [1] and our Code of Conduct [2], which both say a little bit more about who and what we are. If you are still interested in becoming a friend and member of The Last fill out our application, which is to the left just under our FAQ.

Warm regards,

The Last

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