Guild Information
Guild name The Exodus Syndicate

Timezone US
Language English

Name: The Exodus Syndicate (ExGS)

Style: FFA PvP

Rank system: Yes, specific and global, simple and efficient.

Recruiting: Open to all races and classes. Fill out the Application Form

Ventrilo: Yes, 150 slots

Forums: Yes, web space and PhPnuke forums

Newsletter: Yes, quarterly and fully Photoshopped.

Server choice: Tyranny

Activity: 200 daily active, 250 weekly. Over 75,000 forum posts, 500 new posts per day.


   * First City T1, First City T2

AoC Mission Statement and Rosters Edit

Global Mission Statement


The Exodus Syndicate. Mark it down. You will see it many times when you step foot unto the harsh lands of Hyboria. You will either see it above the heads of some of of the greatest people you´ll ever play with or you will spit it out from between your clenched teeth after being defeated time and time again.

The Exodus Syndicate, in our current form, hails back three years and we know what it takes to succeed. We believe that a tight team of eight can easily defeat thirty organized players...but bring thirty organized players to a battle and you will rule completely. We base on that fact when we build our teams and our setup, using our talents and skills where they fits best. That along with our vast experience will be the tools we bring with on the road to success.

PvP and Fun

Our background comes from PvP and PvP is what we do best. But; The Exodus Syndicate believes that games are supposed to be fun and that´s a major platform we stand on. All our members are mature, stand-up, honest and dedicated. An ExGS member is always welcome no matter what and we always have a great time playing together.

The Exodus Syndicate will be known as respected and outstanding PvP:ers along with being mature and dedicated players. We will excel in areas such as:

   * PvP
   * Raiding
   * City building and Infrastructure
   * Sieging and defending Battle Keeps
   * Crafting
   * Ingame events

Guild Setup

We believe the old system of having class-specific leaders and groups to be counter-productive. In actual gameplay, the system of having mixed-class interest groups is far more superior, especially when it comes to PvP as you´ll learn the styles of your team-mates from second one.

Reasons listed:

1. Class changes.The fact that most players change classes throughout the course of the game, they can, with our system still keep the tight bond with his/her current team-mates and Officer no matter what class they choose.

2. Micro-management Within the teams, players can practice PvP/PvE with the same people that they will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with on the battlefield. Each team has an Officer that oversees and leads the team. When defending or attacking a Battlekeep, the guild commander can easily deploy the correct tactics in the most efficient way as the teams are already internally optimized and honed to perfection

3. Time Zones. With our system, players know and can enjoy the fact of always having someone from their own time zone be online at the same time.

4. Dynamics. The constant presence of other classes will quickly teach the player how to best adapt to different styles of play as well as learn the strengths and weaknesses of those classes. This system also makes it very easy for an Officer to pick a new applicant depending on what class the team needs..

5. Practice. When practicing for PvP, teams are already set to go which means a minimum time-sink and optimal practice.


According to our experience, having a lighter rank system is always the best way to go. Bogging the communications down with too many useless ranks will only promote confusion. For Age of Conan we use the following ranks: (note, each House can if they want set interest-specific ranks such as “Crafter” etc.)

1. King (Guild Leader) 2. Officer (House/Team-leader) 3. Soldier (Regular member) 4. Squire (Applicant)

Quick FAQ Edit

What is the ExGS?

We are The Exodus Gaming Syndicate, an experienced crowd of gamers coming from games such as MxO, SwG, WoW, GW and so on. To learn more about our presence in AoC, please refer to the Mission Statement above.

What does the ExGS offer that other guilds don´t?

We can only speak of our perks, not of what other guilds lack. We offer a mature environment, regardless of age. All our members are very civil and welcoming. We´re also proud to have 7 female gamers in our guild, which is proof that we carry ourselfs with pride and dignity at all times. Our multi-gaming profile also promotes keeping your friends no matter what game you intend to play.

What signifies the ExGS´ style?

Mostly known as brutal PvP:ers, we´re a great mix of hardcore and laid back. We have members from across the world with main base during US and UK hours.

What kind of server will you join?

Considering our background, we all enjoy PvP to some extent. As AoC offers PvP regardless of server choice, we´re constantly bringing the discussion to the members and we´ll make a final decision closer to launch when we know the exact options. We ARE looking to join some form of PvP server.

What kind of members are you looking for?

We´re looking for mature, active people with alot of heart. It doesn´t matter if this is your first, second or last MMO as long as you´re a good person who enjoy gaming. We´ve been very lucky throughout the years to find like-minded members who value what we offer and that stay through thick and thin. We´ve also been lucky in finding very skilled leaders and players.

The ExGS and Age of Conan:

AoC is the game we have been waiting for. Mature content, great story and lore, great immersion and fantastic PvP. The ExGS will be starting up AoC from beta and live, apply now to get a great headstart.

How to become a member?

Post an application through our website and join the the Syndicate now on our road to brutal glory.

Thank you,

Lexion - The Management

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