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Guild name The Empyreans

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: The Empyreans
  • Guild Website:
  • Guild Forums:
  • IRC:
  • Main Time Zone:
  • Guild Leader: Arkturus
  • Guild Recruiter:
  • Guild category (PvE, PvP, Raid, Other):PVE / Core Raiding Guild
  • Roleplay:
  • Voice:
  • Recruiting members status: We are currently recruiting all classes. We are an active guild with a history in MMO's
  • Server type:
  • Platform:PC for Age Of Conan
  • Age:

About us Edit

Guild Ownership Edit

Complete game understanding

Clearly understands The Empyreans' goal to be the most respected and successful raiding guild on the server. Knows about everything and everyone in the guild. Understands the game, knows about every dungeon and most quests. Could list important items and where to get them for any given class.

Guild-wide perspective

Able to assess broader and deeper impact of decisions. Focuses on what is right for the guild. Makes decisions first for the betterment of the guild, then the class, and lastly for self benefit.

Finding great people

Raises the bar by recruiting better and better people. Refers great people. Consistently contributes relevant feedback on applicants and probationary members. Asks the tough questions. Assists in assimilation of new members.

Agility & Flexibility Edit

Continuous innovation

Always looks for ways to make The Empyreans better and take us to the next level. Makes decisions for long-term success. Not afraid to suggest bold ideas and goals.

Dealing with ambiguity

Able to function well in loosely structured situations. Works effectively in situations involving uncertainty or lack of information. Is open to and responds flexibly to change.


Handles unexpected events calmly. Helps other guildies thrive in stressful situations. Identifies and manages stress due to lack of control. Acts with the highest level of maturity during crisis situations. Looks immediately for resolution rather than placing blame.

Effective Guild Member Edit

Achievement of the Right Results

Teamwork and willingness to roll up sleeves

Builds and promotes guild morale. Contributes to the guild outside the scope of their own role. Consistent effort, intense commitment, and willingness to go above and beyond when needed. Willing to do low profile, non-challenging repetative grind for the benefit of the guild.

Reliability, dependability

Turns up for most raids, and let's people know in advance if they can't make a commitment. Acts in a dependable manner, never needs to be asked twice to do something.

Persuasive, yet not political

Demonstrates healthy and productive influencing ability. Gains the respect and confidence of others. Builds constructive and effective relationships. Influences others and sells ideas. Able to understand the diverse needs, styles and feelings of others and acts accordingly to find a common ground.

Interpersonal skills Edit

Develops and maintains good working relationships with others. Treats others with respect. Builds trust and rapport. Able to recognize and understand how he/she affects others.

Contribution to Guild Environment Edit

Open communication

Willing to ask and honestly answer the tough questions. Treats others' opinions with respect. Fosters open communication and candid discussions. Shares information that helps others improve.

Self development and teaching

Understands personal strengths and development needs (weaknesses). Seeks and shares class/encounter relevant learning, experiences, and feedback to enhance performance. Encourages others to take personal responsibility for continual learning and skill growth. Shares knowledge with others.

Fun Edit

Has fun on the game. Makes it easy for others to have fun, but in a respectful and non-offensive manner, never at the cost of another's dignity.

The Empyrean guild in AOC will be ran by tweaking past mistakes and learning from core rules and regulations. We'll build our guild off a solid core of players with skill and determination. By no means is this guild's life going to stay stagnant in small #'s. We will recruit according to the size of raids that will provide us with the best opportunities to own face. I understand that some of our core here won't be playing a ton like before, trust me, thats fine! I'm just happy to have you guys in the same game together again which is pure ownage already. But we will definitely recruit players to fit the roles needed to progress. My goal is to recruit members that want to play the game like I do. So what type of members do I seek?

Players willing to put in the time and effort to take us above the rest. Players who are constantly thinking, having fun, and consistent with the quality of their gameplay. Players that in the end, will take on responsibilities because they ask for them, because they want to lead, because they have the time to lead. Players that are level-headed, have the desire to game hardcore, and are extremely personable to their guild members. Not players who want immediate power and glory for the sake of cheap excitement and control. I gauge people fairly well and the fair assessment of time you put in, to reward given, is what you directly deserve.

No members will receive any biased treatment based on their tenure in The Empyreans. I DO however, expect the most out of you guys, with motivation and willingness to help me build an empire. To welcome NEW players with respect and open arms. I can't stress this enough, this is crucial to the development and atmosphere we project as a guild.

We're here to have fun, we're all on equal terms, and we know we're all quality players when it comes to skill & learning, so lets demonstrate these characteristics into a pool of blood & guts for the entire server's lives. I expect everyone to be treated fairly and equally with respect & class. Our core works well with each other, we've gamed together in WoW, BF2142, DOTA, COD, the list goes on.. but remember, we must welcome new Empyrean members to our guild and treat them equally. Its nice staying within the realm of friends because honestly, you feel most comfortable with those players. But thats now how this guild will be ran. Not even close.

Have faith in your guild, in the players around you, and your guild master. Most importantly, have FUN! Your going to see The Empyreans shine like never before.

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