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Guild Information
Guild name The Disciples

Timezone PST

About UsEdit

Our guild is currently a pool of members from our existing counter strike clan, DoC. Current members have been anticipating the game. We decided to go ahead and make the guild forums / get information ready in advance for the game.


A MATURE GUILD. We are going for members who are of the age of 16 and up. One, the game is a mature game, and we are going to take it seriously. We just feel that having people in the guild who can take serious topics without being offended, or take jokes without getting hurt, are a good thing to have.

We don't really care what the topics of discussion are in any form of chat. Like we said, we are mature. That is why, if you are going to be hurt by things which are mature, and you probably will not like, it might be best not to apply.


A lot of us have played world of warcraft, and I personally used to play it for about 2 and a half years since release. I have experience with raiding in the game, and pvp, and feel that good cooperation is needed. We are hoping for people who have time on their hands, can work together, and strive for the same goals.


We are going to focus on PvE raiding content. This requires good cooperation and thinking, as well as a sense of how to play. We are hoping to get a kickstart into the raiding concepts and content, and hope our members will want to.

We will also be involved in PvP, but most likely casually. Most likely, we will be having fun with PvP some days, taking a break from PvE.


Independence is a good thing, as I have learned from my WoW days. The ability of members to earn their own economy - items, and help others with their own, is a plus. As a guild, we can help each other out, but we want members who will be able to produce things and find things to help for the guild and themselves. More into this will be divulged once the game comes out.


Once the game is out, we will talk with the members into things to be set up.

Such as websites, ventrillo and teamspeak servers, Character mapping (Classes and Race planning), and etc. We are striving for organization and cooperation with the guild to meet everyone's needs.

Other notes:

Personally, with me, all because I am the guild leader doesn't really mean much. I'm not the type of person who wants to dictate different things. I just came up with a concept and I am trying to put it forth. I don't want people to be afraid of me, just relax with me and be carefree.

With leadership, I am going to have some officers and managers. I can get a better focus of what I will need when the game is out, but for now, I will select some officers from the current clan that we are pooling from, and maybe some others I meet who are trying to join.


XFIRE: Chubbles

AIM: Shadedoutline

STEAM: {DoC} Skill.

As of now, all we have are forums. If the guild is successful, a website will be established. As well as this, we will establish a Ventrillo server or Teamspeak server.

Info Edit

Guild Forums: []

Main Time Zone: PST

Guild Leader or Recruiter: Aromil

Guild category: PvE, with some PvP

Roleplay: No

Voice communication?: Will be established

Recruiting members status: ALL CLASSES AND RACES. However, we would like to get a chance to sit down with members and find out what classes are being chosen, etc.

Server type: PvE

Platform: PC

Age group: Mature, 18+. (May take exceptions around 16+)


If you are looking to apply for the guild ahead of time, please follow the link to [].

Please make an account and post in the recruitment section.

We are not going to have too much high standards. We just hope for those who have experience in MMO's and look to play seriously in PvE.

Members should have some time on their hands and a strive to play the game for longer periods of time.

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