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Guild Information
Guild name The Creed
Website Under Development
Forums Under Development
Timezone GMT
Language English
Server Type PvE

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: The Creed
  • Guild Website: Under Development
  • Guild Forums: Under Development
  • Main Time Zone: GMT
  • Guild Leader: Virtus
  • Guild Recruiter: Virtus
  • Guild category: PvP & PvE
  • Roleplay: Casual un-enforced
  • Voice: Ventrilo (Under Development)
  • Recruiting status: Currently recruiting
  • Server type: Hyrkania (RP-PvE)
  • Platform: PC

About us Edit

We follow a code of conduct or "creed" hence the name, it tells us the following.

1. Harbour and protect your brothers and sisters in the order. 2. Do not lie, steal or cheat without just cause or reason. 3. Respect your enemy lest you underestimate and fall to them.

History Edit

The Creed has existed since the launch of Age of Conan.

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