Guild Information
Guild name The Brotherhood of Serpents
Timezone variestimezone
Language English
Server Type RP-PvP
Realm Name Hyperborea

General Information Edit

About us Edit

The Brotherhood of Serpents is an Age of Conan guild on the Hyperborea RP-PVP Server. We are an actively recruiting heavy RP guild.

The Brotherhood is composed of loyal followers of Set, the one true god. We consist of our native Stygians as well as Aquilonian and Cimmerian slaves. We are governed by a Stygian caste system of nobility, priests, warriors, followed lastly by our slaves.

Our goal is to honor our god in all things and to unite our countryman under the watchful eye of Set. We will rid the lands of the infidels and bathe in the blood of our enemies, those who choose to follow any other than Set!

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