About four centuries before the first chronicle, The Black Company began, twelve Companies surged out from the mythical land of Khatovar, birthed in blood and fire. Little remains to lend insight into the purpose and identities of these early warriors, and all but one company returned to the Plain of Glittering Stone. The one that remained behind was The Black Company..

We take our name and guild model from the novels written by Glen Cook. The novels were written over a period of nearly 17 years, each chronicling a major time period of the company’s existence, written in the form of the Annals of the Black Company. The Annals are written by the chosen company Annalist, to capture the essence and spirit of company life, so that that future brothers are able to learn from the past, remember fallen brothers and their deeds, and gather tactical information that has been battle proven to be effective against the enemy of our employers.


The Black Company is a mercenary unit which accepts payment for doing anything our employer's have no wish to do themselves, provided it is based in war. Since the Black Company first began taking contracts, many years after embarking as one of the twelve free companies of Khatovar, we have never failed or backed out of a contract, though our employers have been known to be as treacherous as the enemies they pay us to fight. This tradition continues to this day and is the back bone of our relationship with any employer who enters into a contract with us.


Our leadership billets are primarily based in accordance to the novels. The head of the company is known simply as the Captain. The second in command is simply known as the Lieutenant. The Captain is the overall leader of the guild and is not a game specific body. The Captain appoints a Lieutenant and Division Commanders for each battalion, or game-specific unit. There are a number of other branches of the Black Company out there in many different games. Our particular branch currently has active battalions in Eve Online, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty 4, and now the Age of Conan.

Lastly , you will not find a more loyal bunch of gamers anywhere. Anywhere, anytime, the brothers of the Black Company have each other's back. Unlike some, we play to have fun first and foremost.


Black Company infantry is our spearhead on the battlefield. Infantry consists of all front-line fighters, ranged support, siege specialist, scouts, spies, and when applicable, users of magic. Healers are assigned to infantry by default, though some may be assigned to Supply. Infantry Division is broken down into squads and generally led by its own Sergeant. Squads are assigned based on time served and by skill specialty. The Infantry Division Commander (IDC) will coordinate most raids, PvP practice, and training assignments. Our Black Company has been continuously involved in online warfare, on multiple worlds, since inception in 2003. We have over five years of continuous experience on the battlefield, and our Infantry Division has many seasoned veterans more than capable of leading the charge against any foe. The word 'fear' does not exist in the Black Company vocabulary and our infantry units will go anywhere, anytime, and do whatever is necessary to accomplish the mission.


Supply Division, the backbone of Black Company fighting forces, provides nearly all equipment available in-game. We believe in securing the best of the best of any and all crafting professionals in order to maintain the highest level of readiness and to keep our hard earned money in our own pockets. All company regulars are required to simply post to the forums and requisition any equipment they are in need of. The Supply Division Commander (SDC) will coordinate the sharing, gathering, and storage of all Company assets and issue them accordingly. Our Supply Division has enjoyed success in every world we inhabit, and provides the necessary logistics and equipment for our infantry to accomplish its goals.


There are two seemingly similar Black Companies on the Age of Conan Cimmeria server. These are actually two completely different and separate guilds. The two companies have separate websites, different leaders, and different modus operandi. Ours uses Ventrilo voice communication but theirs does not. Their current leader (Mocker) wrote the guild charter at a time when he was once with our guild, while we came up with the guild name and designed the company's first website. We will not change what was created for our use, and so both companies have very similar charters. I have created a thread on the AoC community forum, 'Cimmeria' (server), which lists all of the Mercenary companies on the server. Hope this clears things up.

Mercenary companies of Cimmeria, listed

Here is the lineage of our Black Company leadership from inception to today:

Legacy of The Black Company, A History of the Captaincy

Guild Information
Name: Black Company (Cap't Tonka)
Leader: Captain Tonka
Motto: Of, By, and For
Size: Approx. 50 members
Recruiting: Open, by interview (Ages 18+)
Voice Comm: Ventrilo
Timezone: US + EU / International
Language: English
Server: Cimmeria (PvP-RP)

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