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Deaths Head

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Guild Name The Black Company
Motto Of By For
Guild Website
Server Type EVE Tranquility
Timezone US
Guild Leader Bastet
Guild Recruitment Bloodpetal
Guild Type Mercenary PvP
Recruitment Status We have left Age of Conan - We are in EVE Online
Restrictions Age 21+

The Black Company Charter Edit


We are a mercenary guild which seeks lucrative commissions for precision military operations, maintaining a constant state of readiness for combat and secondary functions of a mobile expeditionary force.

We accept payment from players for doing anything our Employer's have no wish to do themselves, provided it is based in War. Throughout the years, we have enjoyed many successful contractual relationships within the player communities, expanding both user created content and our own coffers. Given the special nature of Age of Conan and the number of mercenary guilds to be found, we maintain our Annals with all aspects of notable content. All major events will be labeled a “Commission”, from hunting unique monsters to spur of the moment sieges or anything else that involves a significant number of Company participants.

Method of Operations Edit

We are a guild based massive multi player online role playing (MMORPG) gaming organization that has taken the setting of Glen Cook's The Black Company series, to establish a militant, mercenary methodology for recreation and immersion within a fantasy based virtual world.

Chain of Command Edit

The Black Company uses a military based Chain of Command (CoC) based on the ranks detailed in the works of Glen Cook, with squad based fireteams for combat.

The Captain -The Head of the Company aka Guild Leader. Duties include assignment of Officer Corps, Commissions, Recruitment, General Policy, Training and Events Schedule. While it is not uncommon for the Captain to be referred to by their actual name, most Brothers, out of respect for Brother and Title, simply addresses him/her as "The Captain", "Captain", "Cap'n", "Cap", or any other derivative.

The Lieutenant - Second In Command. Duties include Training and Events Schedule, Division Organization, Recruitment, Siege Specialist. While it is not uncommon for the Lieutenant to be referred to by their actual name, most Brothers, out of respect for Brother and Title, simply addresses him/her as "The Lieutenant", "Lt", or any other derivative.

Brother - Regular Company Members. The Backbone of the Company, doing what needs to get done. All Brothers listed under this heading have earned their Full Colors. Earning your Colors means you have proven yourself to be a dedicated Black Company Regular, making the Company your Home. There is no set time limit for when this will happen. You must earn this Privilege through blood, sweat, and tears, on the field of battle or the blaze of the forge.

Recruits - the FNG's (fuggin new guy), here to learn and to become.

Recruitment Edit

Recruitment is currently open for EVE Online.

For all the information you need to make a decision on applying to the Company, read our Charter in full:,3.0.html

Charter Edit

The official version of our Charter, which details our Mission, Method of Operation, History, Chain of Command, and Recruiting can be found at The Black Company Headquarters (TBCHQ) here.

The Black Company Details Edit


Chronicles of the Black Company, by Glen Cook

Lore Playing Edit

We base our methodology of operation on the Lore established in Glen Cook's "Annals of the Black Company", which means we operate as a mercenary military. More often than not, those who sign up to kill people for money, have a dark past or a truly noble reason for doing so. Your past is yours and yours alone, as is your morality. Having stated that, keep in mind a military organization has rules, structure, orders, and Duties. We wear uniforms, hold formations, conduct ceremonies, behaving accordingly as a military. We salute the highest ranking Officer while outdoors. We do mission briefings and debriefings.

If this sounds dull and more like work, you will do well to bear in mind that in our case, Duty means playing games. Orders means we're going out to gain experience, build skills, gather gold or simply go on an adventure. Rules means work in groups, know your formation roles and position in the team. It means above all else that you are here to Have Fun within the framework the Company offers. Skepticism is to be expected for newcomers who may be used to carrying the bulk of the load while others are allowed to slack. Those who do not pull their weight are quickly sorted out and discharged. Rest assured, you will not be alone in your endeavors.

This is Lore Play in a Fantasy Environment and should be treated as such at all times if it is to be truly enjoyed. We all have either jobs, spouses, or kids that offer plenty of hair loss; we log in to relieve stress, not create it.

So every now and then when someone barks, "HEY MOOK, YOUR FUGGIN ARM BROKE?", it means you didn't salute an Officer. Occasionally, a team leader will need to call out "CAN THE CHATTER!!" or "Silence!!". This doesn't mean we've set out an order to you as a person to obey the whim of a maniacal megalomaniac what seeks to dominate your mind and body. It means we're about to engage The Thing That Needs Killing which requires coordination and teamwork for success. While we are fond of the occasional LEEeeeerrooooy Jenkins style clusterfuck, we more enjoy getting our rewards for accomplishing our missions. We are not the International Freelove and Hugs Association. We are a band of hardened mercenaries and play as such.

Voice Communication Edit

The Black Company uses Ventrilo for it's primary communications. We expect a heavy influenced chat community to exist in Text, voice comms is primarily for tactical operations.


"OBF" - "Of the Company, By the Company, For the Company" - This phrase was adapted from Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, for The Black Company by its founding Captain, who once played as the character named Tekerton.

Quote from: Honest Abe"It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us—that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion—that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

We found this to be the ultimate definition of what it means to give yourself over to an entity that embodies the term "synergy". When we say OBF, we are saying that, in keeping with Glen Cook's statement that the Black Company is the main character in the story, the Company itself is held higher than any one person. We give all to the Company first, then consider the individual. Most importantly, it dictates that though the Company is headed by its Officers, it is the men and woman from which the Company is comprised who ultimately dictate the direction and livelihood of the collective.

Armed with this indelible credo, we set out to accomplish something extraordinary, all those years ago, in the world of online gaming guilds. Through the distinguished acts of our Brothers, we hold firm that we did indeed succeed. Our very existence is a direct homage to the types of deep interpersonal connections that have been present throughout the history of man, who's bonds are only forged in the fires of war. Be that as it may, we hold that whether in the form of an army, a fraternity, a guild, or a family, a common Purpose has shown its ability to define a community so often that we take this for granted in our daily lives. We continue to Choose to call attention to this common bond of unity and we define this by use of the word Brotherhood and coupling it with the declaration "Of By For".

In its purest essence, this means quite literally, that each and every thing we do, every decision we make, regardless of personal loss, must be measured and found to wholeheartedly provide for benefit of the Company.

Brotherhood is about the Brothers, not the flag you fly. If you aren't sure what this all means, you probably won't fit in.

Training Edit

If you are looking to join The Black Company, expect to undergo training. Our primary goals in training new members is to focus on skill and adaptability developed for battle. These things, however, require that we drill ourselves. We will do mock battles, combat formations, combat maneuvers, point defense, ambush tactics, and anything else you can think of until we can act as a group without a word needing to be typed at all.

That being said, we understand that real-life must come first. We do not expect IV drips and bedpans, but we do expect some sort of consistent participation. Make sure you can work our training and combat into your schedule before looking to apply.

Recent News Edit

The Black Company is currently deployed to EVE ONLINE.

Guild Information
Guild name The Black Company
Timezone NA/EU/AU
Language English
Server Type Tranquility

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