Guild Information
Guild name The Aquilonian Legion
Timezone EST
Language English
Server Type PvP

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name:The Aquilonian Legion
  • Guild Tag:TAL (Used in other games)
  • Guild Website:[(] -Currently only setup for GW
  • Guild Portals:Guild Wars, Star Wars Galaxies-Starsider (non-rp), Battlefield Series, DDO-inactive.
  • Main Time Zone:EST
  • Main Server:Tyranny
  • Guild Leader:Cathair
  • Guild Recruiters:Marston, Ruadhan, Kanaman, Gosuneem
  • Guild category (PvE, PvP, Raid, Other):All
  • Roleplay:No
  • Voice:Teamspeak-Guildies only
  • Recruiting members status:Open
  • Server type:PvP
  • Platform:PC only.
  • Age:Mature enough not to be a...

About us Edit

  • We are around 100 member guild looking to expand and create a large pvp guild while still keeping our old-school philosophies. We envision a guild that is mostly self reliant, that helps each other succeed, and enjoys the game together. Guild events (such as drunken brawling tournaments, grouping sessions, etc.) and raids will be held often, but will not have required attendance. We have dreams of a glorious Guild City and many Battlekeeps. We will be very active in Battlekeep PvP. We plan to achieve all this without restrictive requirements by recruiting people that WANT to do these things, not because that is what the guild does. Also we do believe in trying to use a actual name since this is a RPG even though we do not RP, so you will more often then not find us using either the same character name throughout all our portals or a in setting name, this is encouraged to all members but not a requirement. However we reserve the right to not accept someone with a cruddy name. If you wish to contact us you can. Either mail our guild leader or Ruadham at

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