Guild Information
Guild name Svart Lotus
Website [Http://]

Timezone GMT +1
Language English

  • Guild Name: Svart Lotus
  • Guild Website: [Http://]
  • Main Time Zone: GMT +1
  • Guild Leaders and Recruiters: Drazuz and ShadowX
  • About Us:

Svart Lotus, meaning Black Lotus in the native language of Norway, is a european guild that started almost 2 years ago by real life friends from Norway. We are all experienced gamers and roleplayers, be it from cards, books, boards, pc-games and also mmorpgs like EQ2, WoW and AO. We have added to our fellowship and amount now to almost 40 people, all from europe. Our aim in AoC is to be a dominant raiding force on whichever european server we choose to roam, and our members and leadership have already led two highly successfull raiding guilds on two different servers in EQ2 for 2+ years. We're really looking forward to raiding and large scale PvP/sieges in AoC with all the new elements and challenges the game is gonna add, like collision detection-based tanking, cone-based HoT healing, spellweaving, and the real combat system.

We are atm not recruiting.

  • Guild category (PvE,PvP,Raid,Other): Primarily PvE and raiding, including Border Kingdoms PvP, the fight for Battle Keeps
  • Roleplay: No
  • Voice: Our own Ventrilo Server.
  • Recruiting members status: *CLOSED*
  • Server type: Standard ruleset
  • Platform PC

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