Guild Information
Guild name Sunfall Rebels
Timezone GMT
Language English
Server Type PvP

General Information Edit


  • Guild Name: Sunfall Rebels
  • Guild Website:
  • Guild Forums:
  • Main Time Zone: GMT
  • Guild Leader: Officer Team
  • Guild category: PVP
  • Voice: Ventrillo
  • Recruiting members status: Invitation Only (Old SWG/WoW Players contact Kaizer/Vawei/Kozuka/Tiamat/Sakul)
  • Server type: PVP
  • Platform: PC Only
  • Age: 18+ (Special exemptions have been made in exceptional circumstances)

About us Edit

Sunfall Rebels (SFR) was founded on the World of Warcraft Server, Ravenholdt (EU) by ex-members of the Star Wars Galaxies guild to share the same name. The guild contains ex SWG players aswell as new faces recruited from our time in WoW. SFR's main goal in MMO's is to experiance endgame PvP and PvE content at a highly succesful level whilst maintaining a close knit, social enviroment.

Other members of the original SWG guild can still be found in a guild just now known as 'Sunfall', who adhere to the same social aspirations as SFR, but focus more on PvE content. They can be found on the Emerald Dream server in World of Warcraft, the Laurelin server in Lord of the Rings Online, and the Ymir (PVE) server in Age of Conan.

Any Sunfall members looking for a home on a PvP server in Age of Conan are more than welcome to vist our forums.

Allies Edit

Keepers of the Darkside (KDS) -

Enemies Edit

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