Guild Information
Guild name Sisterhood of Derketo
Timezone Eastern US
Language English
Server Type PvE, unofficially RP-PvE
Realm Name Wiccana

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: Sisterhood of Derketo
  • Guild Website:
  • Guild Forums:
  • Main Time Zone: Eastern US
  • Guild Leader: Madam Eranyn
  • Guild Recruiter: Karida
  • Guild category: Causal Gaming. Serious Roleplay.
  • Roleplay: Great encouraged and supported
  • Recruiting members status: actively seeking
  • Server type: PvE, unofficially RP-PvE
  • Platform: PC
  • Age: 18+/21+

About us Edit

[Sister Karida the Lips of Derketo, the High Priest of the Sisterhood, address new acolytes of Derketo]

/Sister Karida stands on a wooden platform slightly elevated from the dozens of young maidens. She stands before them bare chested and humbled.

"Welcome Sisters! Your Trials of Initiation are complete. You have walked the path of the Goddess and learn her secrets. You have tasted the sweet ecstasy of her loving embrace. However your path does not end here. Oh no, daughters of Derketo, its far from over.

Within our sorority, you shall enjoy the fruits of our festivals, the rituals of devotion, and the warm touch of those who seek the blessing of our Goddess. From the lands that you called home you, like other sisters before you, shall make pilgrimages to far off lands.

Think of this now. You shall decide on how best to serve the goddess. Choose your Sept carefully. Shall you train to serve within the Heart of Derketo as a priestess or perhaps that of a protector within the Fist of Derketo? Perhaps you have been called to the Eyes of Derketo and seek the path of a select few? What ever Sept you choose, remember that the path of Derketo is for you to decide.

Derketo is our Goddess, of life, bounty, lust, and death. Only you, dear sisters know how best to serve her."

[Far from the throng of acolytes and Sister Karida, Malkaris, one of the protectors, voices his thoughts to another protector]

/Malkaris leans against one of the think stone walls of a small sized city in the heartland of Stygia. His armor glistens in the sun but his eyes are shaded by his light cloth hood.

"Look at the new Sisters Brok. New coinage to watch after as they travel the sands of Stygia. Look at how they are excited to join the Sisterhood. Bah! I bet they will be even more excited to meet their first client. Hahaha! The Sisterhood may not allow men to join them, but at least the pay well for soldiers... real soldiers. At least I am not like the poor cur over there. Poor slaves. Ha!"

[A young Stygian man walks with chains around his wrists. He is a new comer to the Sisterhood, as a slave. He thinks of his dilemma.]

/Adiskar, a dark skinned and slender man, wears rags as he is lead by a leather leash to the slave pens.

"Whats going to happen to me? What are these slavers going to do to me? W-what about my family? I... I am so scared. What will these women do to me?"

- - - - [Out of Character Guild Profile]

Mission Statement: To provide a mature environment for immersive Roleplay. To use the game mechanics of Age of Conan to help facilitate this Roleplay. To offer a unique and conductive guild structure. To more importantly provide our members a fun and fulfilling experience with the guild.

The aims of the guild will not be to be the “best” or to be the “leetest”. The aims of the guild will be to enjoy the game and allow our members to decide for themselves what this means to them.

Guild Structure: The guild is divided into "Septs" or divisions. Each Sept is responsible for a different function such as protection or conducting rituals or festivals. Each Sept has a leader who forms the Council that deals with the demands of the guild. Members of each Sept choose their leader and can also decide to "recall" them.

Qualities Sought In Recruits: Those who seek a immersive game experience through roleplay. Those who seek a casual game experience and who aren't pressured into clawing their way to the top.

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