Guild Information
Guild name Shield of Amra
Timezone All US/Canada timezones
Language English
Server Type PvE
Realm Name Zug

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: Shield of Amra
  • Guild Website:
  • Guild Forums:
  • Main Time Zone: All US/Canada timezones
  • Guild Leader: Thorn
  • Guild Recruiter: Thorn, Daffyd, Secondus
  • Guild category (PvE, PvP, Raid, Other): PvE Raiding/ Organized PvP/ Casual
  • Voice: Ventrilo - The IP = Port = 5339
  • Recruiting members status: Open recruitment at this time.

About us Edit

The Shield of Amra a mature, friendly guild currently exploring the world of Hyboria, the instances it has to offer, and end game raids. We care about all our members and our focus is always first on having fun and accomplishing new and better things as a community. We are currently seeking motivated, mature, players to help expand our core group and help us progress to higher level content. Experience and epic gear are optional, a desire to build something great and overcome challenges is not.

Many of our members are older and have jobs, spouses, children, etc. to tend to, and we are understanding about members priorites outside of Hyboria. We are however serious and committed to progressing as players and as a guild. If you think being dedicated to Age of Conan doesn't require playing 50 hours a week, you'll understand our philosophy. We are most active nights and weekends server time, though tend to have players on throughout the day. If you think you might be a good fit with Shield of Amra then please browse our website and post an application in the Forums. Thanks for reading and Safe travels.

The Shield of Amra is run by a group of five leaders rather than a single guildmaster. The guild ranks are based entirely on participation in the guild. Different areas of consideration for determining levels of participation include, but are not limited to: actual time spent playing, time helping guildmates, raid attendance and performance, attendance at guild functions, use of the website, opinion input in forums, and talking in guild chat. The ranks, from lowest to highest, are as follows:

Blood Initiate – Entry level rank. Blood Initiates are expected to play regularly. This rank also houses alternate characters within the guild.

Sacrifice Apprentice – Second Rank. A Sacrifice Apprentice will demonstrate a regular amount of play and some participation in guild chat and guild functions. A Sacrifice Apprentice may vote in guild promotions. To be promoted to Sacrifice Apprentice rank a Blood Initiate must be an active member of Shield of Amra for atleast 2 weeks.

Ritualist Acolyte – Full member rank. A Ritualist Acolyte may vote in guild promotions and are eligible for the officer initiate rank and officer rank. Most members of Shield of Amra will not be promoted any higher than the Ritualist Acolyte rank. To be promoted to Ritualist Acolyte rank a Sacrifice Apprentice must be an active member of the guild for atleast 6 weeks.

Infernal Adept - Officer rank. Infernal Adepts will assist Deathbringer Envoys in running the guild. That means that Infernal Adepts are responsible for organizing raids and instance runs, RP events, facilitating guild discussions, crisis management, demotions, and promotions up to Ritualist Acolyte level on a daily basis. Infernal Adepts may recruit members to the guild and have invite power. Infernal Adept are the final rank attainable by new members.

Deathbringer Envoy - Elite Rank. Deathbringer Envoys are equal in power to the Chaos Lord. Deathbringer Envoys run the guild, performing all the tasks of the prior ranks. Deathbringer Envoys also maintain the guild website, guild bank and create promotion polls. Deathbringer Envoys have the responsibility to kick players after guild vote or after 2 months of non-play. Deathbringer Envoys will choose officers from the guild membership.

Chaos-Lord – Guild Master Rank. Same duties as the Deathbringer Envoys.

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