Guild Information
Guild name Shadows of the Dragon
Timezone EU
Language English
Server Type PvE
Realm Name Dagon

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: Shadows of the Dragon
  • Guild Website:
  • Guild Forums:
  • IRC:
  • Main Time Zone: EU Primarily. UK, GMT and CET
  • Guild Leader: Karofin
  • Guild Recruiter: Korella
  • Guild category (PvE, PvP, Raid, Other): PvE, Casual Raid, Achiever.
  • Roleplay: No
  • Voice: 120 Man Ventrillo Server
  • Recruiting members status: We always have an open recruitment.... but we only take the best.
  • Server type: PvE
  • Platform: PC. (X Box players welcome)
  • Age: 18+ rigorously enforced minimum age.

== About us ==

  • CORRECT AT THE TIME OF POSTING (18th May 2008) **


Epic is a name not used lightly through the annals of time. However we at Shadows of the Dragon believe this epic game needs time served dedicated and new blood players from all walks of life and games to help this become an incredible and fun experience.

Our aim is to bring all the races from Hyboria to face the onslaught from the Pictish armies which threaten all the boarders of Hyboria. History is in the making, so the call goes out to you all… Generals, soldiers, finger wagers and even farmers now is the time to stand and fight.

If you wish to change and re-write the books of history for Hyboria then place your mark here and make Conan proud of you all.

We will be based on an English language EU PvE server with PvE and raiding being our main focus, with some voluntary PvP. Guild groups are always encouraged, but we also respect the fact that sometimes, you just need time to yourself. SotD have an established presence in WoW, Vanguard, EQ2 and now AoC. Our members span across the globe, but are primarily Europe based. We have a dedicated website and Ventrillo server which all members are encouraged to use.


SotD are a social commuinity spanning several games. Our aim is to enjoy all content the game can offer us, together, as friends. We wear our guild tag with fierce pride as it represents who we are and we take our reputation seriously. We respect the players around us both in guild and outside and we strive to grow and achieve in any game we are part of whilst ensuring the core social roots of the game are not forgotten.

We are not hardcore raiders but we do enjoy raiding and tend to be successful at it when we head out geared for the kill. Whilst we do not discriminate on levels or class in our recruitment, our focus will usually by the level cap when it comes to organising content.

Rules to support this Ethos

1 - Absolute minimum age limit of 18+, there is NO upper age limit. There are NEVER exceptions made to this no matter what. This even includes finding out the longest serving member of the guild is 17 years old. Its also about honesty from the moment you join.

2 - Members can only be in SotD. Unguilded alts are fine but joining another guild immediately removes you from SotD. No exceptions. You must decide to be either with us or not. If you don't want to commit 100% to SotD them we really would prefer you don't commit at all.

3 - Our standard recruitment process is via application on the appropriate forum at All applications are via this method.


If you are interested in applying to join SHADOWS OF THE DRAGON, you should familiarise yourself with our Guild and Rules as this will likely answer many of the questions you have and tell you about us. After you have done this you need to perform the following steps.

- Join this website ( with your Age of Conan Character name as your chosen login name. (This is important so be sure or if the name is taken make it recognisable) - Post an application in the Applications forum. - Wait for an officer to contact you in game. You will see when your application has been processed and whether or not it is successful when an officer posts in it so keep checking back.

During this time make an effort to seek us out in game and talk to us. For example an Officer may be able to help you with your application right there as opposed to waiting if you make them aware that its on the site and they have a spare moment.

Probationary Period

Once guilded, players will remain as INITIATE for a period of 2 weeks. After this point there will be a decision made by the guild leadership and the petitioner notified if they are to be invited for full membership as a MEMBER. During the probation period, it is the responsibility of the petitoner to seek out guild groups and become known by the guild.

General Info

- Recruitment is always open but never over utilised. - Having a current member sponsor you guarantees you a membership trial. - We are a STRICTLY 18yr + guild. There are no exceptions to this. If we find a member to be younger than 18 they are deguilded immediately. Again no exceptions. - Probation period lasts 2 weeks for new members. This may be extended or shortened as decided by the leadership. - Guild leadership will contact each INITIATE after their probationary period to let them know if they are to be guilded or not. - Ask any member if an officer is online for further details where needed. We are here to help.

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