Guild Information

Guild Information
Guild name Shadow Circle

Language English
Server Type PvE
Realm Name Wiccana

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: Shadow Circle
  • Guild Website: (*VERY* much under development)
  • Guild Forums:
  • Guild category: We are an RP guild.
  • Roleplay: Our storyline begins with travelers drawn to each other as they discover their pasts, eventually to find that their past paths have crossed at some point. New members can either join in that storyline, or become fellow travelers and develop their own storyline that can mesh with the overall guild thread or branch of into their own.
  • Recruiting members status: We are currently recruiting, but after the request to join is made, some of the council will want to RP with you so you can see if we are right for you and you are right for Shadow Circle.
  • Server type: Wiccana "unoffical" RP-PVE server

About us Edit

We very much enjoy our RP sessions and wish to recruit only RP-ers. Often you can find us in a tavern, rp-ing or merely adding to our stories through guild chat. Leveling, at this time, is of prime focus, but we still find time for a little RP. Involvement in the newly created forum is much appreciated.

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