Guild Information
Guild name Severance
Timezone GMT+10
Language English
Server Type US PvP


General Information Edit

About us Edit

Severance is a mature Australian PvP and raiding Guild for the upcoming MMORPG, Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures. We will be residing on a (Oceanic if available, if not US) PvP server. Although at this point, we are also considering cooperating with other Australian guilds to all play on one server (Which may not be PvP). Severance was formed recently in February 2008 by a group of good friends who had known each other through AoC months beforehand. The officers and I have had plentiful experience in running guilds in previous MMOs, and have high hopes and goals for Severance.

Severance is a guild for mature and experienced players who aim to compete in the game at the highest levels. Our focus at endgame will be on the Border Kingdoms and more specifically, maintaining a Battlekeep as often as possible. Alas, we are not all about PvP - our members also appreciate the enjoyment of conquering a raid area with their supreme teamwork and friendship, and reaping the rewards at the end.

Our Goals Edit

We aim to create a guild based on friendship and loyalty, but most of all, fun. Severance aims to be one of the first to conquer the most difficult of challenges AoC and the other guilds can offer. We want to ensure that our guild will be known and recognised as one of the most professional PvP and raiding guilds on our server.

The founders and I share the vision in creating a strong and loyal community of skilled players capable of working together to reign supreme over the harshest of tests. Before the release of Age of Conan, we want to have developed a strong and dedicated guild with each member knowing one another like a brother from another mother, and be ready to storm the gates of Tortage come release. After release we plan to start participating in 24-man raids and the border kingdoms.

Severance wants to ensure that each of its members will consistently be showing their maturity, their skill, their dedication, and their friendship.

Attitudes & Philosophies Edit

Severance expects it's members to support their guild economically by means such as purchasing equipment and items from fellow guild members when possible, or by recycling items through the guild by handing items you don't need down to lower level players, just as examples. Successful applicants aren't determined by age, but maturity. Foul language may be present on the forums and our soon-to-be Teamspeak server. If conflict arises between you and a fellow member, you will be asked by a council member to either sort it out, or ship out. It's that simple. Personal conflict between another member will not be tolerated - it destroys guilds from within.

Severance plans to only have a small number of members before the launch of Age of Conan to be able to properly develop a close-knit clan of mates. By keeping the member numbers of the guild relatively low pre-release, we can manage the numbers effectively and also get to know everyone well and build a very strong core group of players.

A small amount of members also makes it easier to micromanage the guild. From our previous experiences in other guilds, we found that by spamming applicants into the guild and getting 100+ people before the release of the game, the guild master and officers weren't able to properly and effectively manage the population of the guild. Macromanagement results in more people being dissatisfied with guild decisions, thus more conflict, and the end result making it much less enjoyable for everyone.

Guild Structure Edit

Severance consists of one guild leader (Xaijun), and four officers (Animation, Bosk, Lacero and Moorewind), comprising of the guild council. Guild decisions are made equally by all five leaders, each one being able to suggest and vote on a change. While still in pre-release, the guild structure remains fairly basic as it's merely for managing forums. The leaders are currently discussing and brainstorming the Guild Structure ingame, but nothing is yet confirmed. Early prediction is showing that the existing council will be solely dealing with most, if not all, guild matters.

Large guild decisions are made by first being suggested by an officer (who may have taken it from a member), then voted on amongst the officers, and if passed, will be passed onto the guild as a whole, and from there, majority rules. There are isolated decisions that are made swiftly by just the Guild Master or a quick vote in the council, but apart from that, everyone has a say.

"Divided we stand, united we conquer!"

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