* Guild Name: Seraphim
   * Guild Website:
   * Main Time Zone: CST
   * Guild Leader: Coeus
   * Guild Recruiter: Fatescry
   * Guild category: Raid, PvE, PvP
   * Voice: Ventrilo
   * Recruiting members status: Open all levels/classes
   * Server type: PvE
   * Realm Name: Derketo
   * Platform: PC 

Seraphim is a guild currently focused on leveling together and having fun grouping, but will later shift focuses towards raiding and end game at 80. We have a strong player base that come from many different games, including WoW, EQII, VG, SWG, LoTRO, PS, H3, CoH/CoV, TR, and Guild Wars. Our player base is some of the select few who have accomplished many great things in MMOs. Most of us are mature players at 18+, but we don't mind young adults. We always have fun while playing, but take things seriously when necessary. We mostly talk on vent and rarely in guild chat. Our guild city is currently in the makings and I encourage everyone to at least try to donate 1-5 Silver per day to the guild bank. If you have any questions, please ask Coeus or any of the guild officers and they'd be glad to help.

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