Guild Information
Guild name Room For Improvement (RFI)
Timezone GMT
Language English
Server Type PVE
Realm Name Ymir

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: Room For Improvement (RFI)
  • Guild Website:
  • Guild Forums:
  • IRC: comming soon
  • Main Time Zone: GMT
  • Guild Leader:
  • Guild Recruiter:
  • Guild category: PVE
  • Roleplay:
  • Voice: Teamspeak Server
  • Recruiting members status: recruiting new members
  • Server type: PVE
  • Platform: PC
  • Age: 18+

About us Edit

We are Room For Improvement (RFI).
RFI is founded on the idea that members can and will help each other to develop both in- and out- of game.
We are mature minded people who like to play MMORPGs in a friendly and pleasant environment and already have well established guilds in Guildwars, Lord of the Rings Online and soon to be Warhammer Online.
We're called RFI because we think that no matter how good you are in the game you play, there is always room for improvement.
We use the GMT time zone and most of our members are from within Europe with some hailing from other parts as far afield as Africa and Australasia and speak good to excellent English.

About our Age of Conan Guild Edit

We have recently formed a guild in AoC on Ymir PVE server.
Currently we have 50+ members and would like to openly welcome all mature minded players (18 years and over) to join our guild and have fun in discovering Hyboria alone or part of the ever growing team, completing quests together, arranging events in and outside of the game and moving ever closer to building our Guild City on our newly acquired plot of land.

Members we're looking for Edit

mature minded adults (+18) who wish to play Age of Conan with other mature minded adults.
You wish to play alongside a friendly and pleasant group of casual gamers
You wish to make new friends and socialise with us by making use of both our Teamspeak sever and our forums.
You wish to have fun in game while respecting ALL other players on the sever and more importantly within the guild
You use correct English with no L33t talk while using our various means of Communication

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