Guild Information
Guild name Rise of Legends

Timezone Eastern Standard
Language English
Server Type PVP
Realm Name SCOURGE

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: Rise of Legends
  • Guild Website:
  • Guild Forums: Private Access Required
  • IRC:
  • Main Time Zone: Eastern Standard
  • Guild Leader: Loganashe (aka Logan)
  • Guild Recruiters: Loganashe, Sacrisanct, Artimus, Starlah, Dorhelinalen, Kaene, Vasmine
  • Guild category: PvP - Focusing on Large Scale combat once available
  • Roleplay: N/A
  • Voice: Ventrillo server is available (server/port information given upon recruitment to all members)
  • Recruiting members status: Currently enrolling all members
  • Server type: PvP
  • Platform: PC
  • Age: 18+ unless authorized by high officers
  • Guild City Information: Our Guild City is located in the Aquilonian zone of Portain(sp?) in Instance 3. It is in the lower left quarter of the zone. Our guild city currently holds all Tier 1 structures (Keep, Trade House, Barracks, University, Temple, Thieves' Guild, and all trade structures. At the time of this posting we are approximatly one third complete with our exterior city wall.

== About Us ==

Our guild was originally a heavy end-game progression guild in the game World of Warcraft on the Twisting Nether server. Almost our entire officer corps has decided to join Age of Conan in order to create a sister guild on the Scourge Server. We intend to create a mirror image of the guild we left behind in WoW. We have many active players and initially will focus on creating a guild city and establishing ourselves as a force to be reckoned with on the server. Finalized guild rules will be decided in the upcoming weeks; however, we encourage players joining us to have a helpful nature towards fellow guildies and assist each other in leveling and PvP. Players outside the guild, unless specifically listed on our website, are to be treated as enemies and killed whenever possible. All guilds with childish names such as "Muffin Factory," etc., are to be killed on sight.

- Our current guild master is Loganashe.  
- Several officers that can be contacted about joining RoL are: Sacrisanct, Dorhelinalen, Kaene, Vasmine, Starlah and Artimus. 

== Current Guild Rules are as follows ==

- While in any PvP area, if you see another Rise of Legends member in the vicinity while questing, invite them to group.  
-     This ensures that we do not accidentally attack each other; it also promotes guild unity.   
-     If the guild member refuses to group and he/she is slain because of it, it is HIS/HER fault.
- If a guild member is in the same zone as you and is being repeatedly assaulted in PvP for any longer than 5 minutes,
-     you are to respond to assist them if you are capable.
- All non-guildies (unless otherwise specified) are to be treated as possible enemies.  
- Repeated slaying of any non-guildy is permitted within the guidelines of the game rules.
- Any players bearing a guild tag with a childish title are to be actively killed and pursued whenever possible.
- Any player in the guild caught using any form of automating, cheating, botting, or hacking program will be immediately
-     expelled from the guild and reported via petition to GM.    

Please ask any of our officers for information regarding any alliances or treaties, or for information regarding guild policies.

Our guild will be exploring both the PvE and PvP aspect of the game, however we will initially be focusing on guild-oriented activities, such as creating the guild city until such times as our numbers allow for active raiding and PvP keep construction/attacks.

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