Guild Information
Guild name Receipt Upon Death
Website [1]
Forums [2]
Timezone Eastern Standard Time
Language English
Server Type TBD

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: Receipt Upon Death
  • Guild Website: [3]
  • Guild Forums: [4]
  • Main Time Zone: EST
  • Guild Leader: Maveric7911
  • Guild Recruiter: Maveric7911
  • Guild category (PvE, PvP, Raid, Other): PvE
  • Roleplay: No
  • Voice: Vent
  • Recruiting members status: Closed until after release.
  • Server type: PvE
  • Platform: PC
  • Age: 18+

About us Edit

First let me start by saying this, we are not a start up guild. We will also not be a zerg guild "100-200 members recruiting as fast as possible no matter the quality". Our main goal is to bring back the tight nit family guilds used to be. We have been around for a pretty long time and you as a member will see benefits from this immediately. What you will get with the experience of RuD members and officers is a fast paced, well organized, drama free environment. We aim to have a blast while still being able to progress in the game. Our end goal is to run end game raids and have our RuD events (consists of pvp and other fun stuff). Our age restriction is 20+. Like most other high end guilds Vent is required but a mic is optional.

RuD Charter

Background: Rud was created by a group of friends a long time ago under various other names. Through the years we have progressed to high end game play. RuD has been competing in professional tourneys for the last 4 years. The core of RuD are hardcore players with some weekend warriors thrown into the mix.

RuD members are expected to follow these principals: Honor - All members represent Receipt Upon death in and outside of the game. We do not tolerate any in or out of game behavior that doesn't represent RuD in the proper manner. "Ie flaming on guild sites or the main forum/Repeated slurs against other players." That doesn't mean we are clean when we talk, but you know when you cross the line.

Friendship - This I believe in strongly. Primarly you are online to have fun and actually progress in the game. I have found over the years players who are lifers in the guild are also players who can get along and who enjoy to play the game as much as everyone else.

Respect - Our membership is made up of many different personalities and experiences. All members must work to keep the bs to a minimum. All in all officers/gm have the end word which isn't negotiable.

Guild Structure

Other then Gm of the guild, all officers have not been selected. They will be selected from members within the guild sometime from open beta through a few months into release. I like to get new blood in the mix, although we do bring some extremely experienced officers from other chapters in this guild.

Gm: This is pretty self explanatory. The gm runs all high level operations of the guild. The gm is also responsible for promotions and removal of guild members.

Gm Officers: These two officers are the highest level officers in RuD. These officers are responsible for DKP, Guild Bank, and scheduling raids. After RuD raids a few times these officers will also take control in leading raids. In absence of the GM these officers will control the guild and operations there of until the gm is online. Generally these are players that are online a large amount of time and have extensive knowledge of running raids or have shown the abilities of doing such.

Class Officers: There is one class officer per class."IE Tank, Healers, Offensive Casters, Dps" This officer is expected to have a decent amount of knowledge about their class. The CO is is expected to lead their class during raids. CO's also give assistance to their class members in making proper decisions on specs,gear, and other areas their members have questions about. During raids the raid leader will give orders to the class leader in which the class leader will setup their class properly for each encounter. The class leader is also responsible to know who has what gear and what spec before each raid. This allows the class leader to make the appropriate decision of who should be in the raid and who shouldn't. The CO is also a moderator of their own forum. This is an excellent way to give information about strats/items/events for their class. Depending on the looting system the CO generally speaks up for the class on cross class gear. This creates an organized way of distributing cross class items. Cross class gear is usually posted up and the CO's select what and what not should be looted to his class based on their class members votes. I find that most CO's who are successful are not only demanding of their class but also make it enjoyable for their class to play. These are usually players who are online a large amount of time or make a large amount of raids. These players also have a in depth knowledge of their class and strats.

Assistant Class Officers: There is one assistant class officer per class. Its the same description as above but with slightly less power. The assistant class officer acts as a consultant to the Class Officer. In the absence of the Class officer he/she will take on the full duties of the CO. The ACO is generally selected by the class officer. However it still has to be approved by the gm in order to put the correct person in this position.

OOR Officers: Depending on the circumstances there are usually a few of these out of raid officers. These officers take care of leading groups of members in harvesting mats to help out the guild. Or by performing other tasks. These players generally are online a decent amount before raids or after raids. It also helps to be very well organized as this positions can sometimes be hard without proper organization.

Members: Well your members. You are expected to make raids/pvp and pitch in when you can.

Initiates: New members to the guild. Generally less then 3 weeks old. In order to make it out of this position you must show that you belong in the guild. This can be done by showing that you have exceptional skills in the game or by stepping up and assisting the guild in various other tasks that are necessary.

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