Guild Information

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: Q'Thulu Dragons
  • Guild Website:
  • Guild Forums: on the guild website
  • IRC:
  • Main Time Zone: U.S.(CST)
  • Guild Leader: Luciania
  • Guild Recruiter: Luciania
  • Guild category: PVP and PVE
  • Roleplay: Primarily PVE and PVP, roleplayers are welcome but not required
  • Voice: Use our own vent server
  • Recruiting members status: Open
  • Platform: PC

About us Edit

We are a PVP and PVE oriented guild, main goal is to be a fierce fighting force on the PVP battlefield and working towards any other goal our member wish to accomplish. We are a more honor driven guild wanting to find the best ppl to fill the best roles.

"In a time where war, chaos, and blood rules we have been summoned to do what we do best.. Let the ground flow red with the blood of our enemies and may may we meet a gloriouse end in battle. We are the Q'Thulu Dragons a pvp/pve guild who serve a darker role on this world with a group of mature clan mates who strive to strike fear in friend and foe alike.. We seek other like minded men, women, and allies who enjoy working as a tem in all parts of the game from crafting, exploring and also hear the call of death and battle in their blood and strive to conquer all under the banner of the Q'Thulu Dragons.."

~Quote: Guild Founder Kenjuro

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