Guild Information
Guild name Phoenix Legion

Timezone GMT, but all time zones welcome to join
Language English

General Information Edit

About us Edit

‘’I like to think of Phoenix Legion as a massive group of friends, players of all ages and backgrounds, we even have some couples who met together through the guild, I think that’s brilliant, a guild and a matchmaking service all rolled into one. Whatever your standing in the guild, be it new member, long-term member, Officer or GM, we are very proud of our history and reputation and we expect this to be upheld by anybody bearing the Phoenix Legion tag. People who want to spoil others enjoyment or just be in a guild for what items they can get will not last for very long, of course we help each other but as with everything in life, you get out what you put in.’’

History Edit

We are a multi gaming guild that started in the closed beta of Dark ages of Camelot in 2001 (damn is it really that long ago?). Since then we have grown quite a bit, with branches of the guild currently in EQ2, Lord of the Rings, Vanguard, World of Warcraft, Tabula Rasa and still in Dark ages of Camelot and Camelot Classic. We are also involved in beta tests too numerous to mention.

The guild was created by Defoe and he’s still around as leader of the inner council as well as playing at some time in every game the guild is involved in (just don’t lend him gold, isk, credits or whatever the games currency is).

There are people in the guild that without them things just wouldn’t have happened.

     Defoe for starting it all.
     Catnip for always being at the cutting edge of beta’s
     Hellya for keeping everyone sane
     Zenith for making sure we have somewhere to post our nonsense (and this site)
     Sprout for organising the guild meetings (in god forsaken places in the middle of nowhere..anyone fancy lamb?)

Right from the start it was realised we were something special. Not a one game guild that splits apart and falls out of touch, we are all friends and have remained so regardless of the length of time anyone has been in the guild.

We meet as a full guild once or twice a year to tell stories, to meet others from Phoenix Legion who play different games and to tell tall tales and imbibe things alcoholic.

Our reputation amongst guilds, players and developers is enviable and one we guard jealously. It came as a surprise not long ago when we realised how big we had big in fact that some branches of the guild didn’t realise there was anything else apart from them.

To keep up the traditions of Phoenix Legion, the Inner Council was formed, of old time players, newer worthy players, and people we just had faith in to be there to steer a branch or formulate the whole guilds policy if it was needed.

Time has flown by, drama has occurred, tears have been shed, but the laughs far outweigh anything else. With our current membership I see no reason not to be celebrating the guilds 10th anniversary… Now that would be an epic tale.

Guild Charter Edit

So…. you’d like to join the Legion, would you? A wise decision, but please make sure you read the set of guidelines below, so that you know what we’re about before you apply formally.

1 - Phoenix Legion is, first and foremost, a group of friends. We have a great deal of fun playing, and, bar the odd tiff, we all get on remarkably well. This is very important to everyone in the guild, and is not something we ever want to compromise on. You have to be easy going to survive in PL. And you’ll need a sense of humour, balanced with a mature attitude. We have a maturity rule, whilst physical age means very little on the internet, act like a kid, and you’re not going to fit in with us…

2 - We do not tolerate dude speak. It annoys the hell out of everyone. If you speak in numbers, please don’t even apply. That’s not to say we’re stuck up about it, everyone uses the odd “lol” or whatever. But in general, we talk to each other properly. With real words and everything. If this is something that frightens you, PL is not the place for you.

3 - No style of play is enforced, whether you want to PvP, PvE or role play you are welcome and we will not put up with people mocking those who have differing styles.

4 - We have been together since the closed beta of DaoC and since then have grown and spread to include many other games. PL is well respected amongst gaming communities, and in turn we respect our fellow gamers. Actions which bring disrepute upon the guild will not be tolerated, no matter how good a player you are, or how many people you know. As stated previously, to play in PL you need to have an easy-going attitude.

5 - We play a variety of games, PL is not restricted to one game on one server. Each branch of PL follows these guidelines and has a few more game specific rules. Please read the rules regarding the game you wish to participate in before applying.

6 - Have a sausage!

The above might sound as though we think a lot of ourselves. In truth, we do. We’re very proud of our guild, and we intend that it will remain a leading gaming community. That doesn’t mean we’re stuck up, or elitist. We accept new members very willingly. But not based solely on their level, or their skill. We accept decent players, who want to have fun, and will bring something more to the Legion. If you’re that sort of person, then we’d love to have you.

After you have completed the first 3 steps of the recruitment procees following a two week period the gm, deputy gm's and officers will vote on membership of those on trial. While we hope that players will fit in well, there will be occasions when this is not the case and the priority for the officers must always be to try to maintain a happy environment for all members. The decision of the gm, deputy gm's, officers is final, and will be communicated to the individual player.

Membership to Phoenix Legion is open to players of all levels, classes and age groups. However with AOC you will have to be OVER 18. We treat each other as adults, and as such guild-chat can potentially be mature in nature, though always within reason. As mentioned earlier, age on the internet is an irrelevance. Act mature, and you can be as young, or as old, as you wish to be…

So…. if you are still interested then follow the recruitment process thread

We look forward to hearing from you soon…

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