Guild Information
Guild name Pax Romana
Timezone GMT+1
Language English
Server Type PvE
Realm Name Dagon


  • Guild Name: Pax Romana
  • Guild Website: http:///
  • Main Time Zone: GMT
  • Guild Leader or recruiter: scape,
  • About Us:

We are a 6 year old Guild From Anarchy-Online (Rimor),Starwars Galaxies (Radiant), WOW (multiple servers), Tabula Rasa (Centaurus)our average age is 25 with ages ranging from 17 to around 50.

  • Guild category (PvE,PvP,Raid,Other): #1-PvP, #2-Pve, #3-Raid
  • Roleplay: Optional
  • Voice: Ventrilo
  • Recruiting members status: Always
  • Server type:PvE
  • Platform (PC, Xbox360):PC

Basic Info:

Language: English Role Playing: Optional Server Type: PvE Races Accepted: All Classes Accepted: All

Target: To establish a powerhouse, to do this we will seek to create a community first with a focus on sharing and cooperation, the establishment of a city is paramount in our plans and a top priority.

We have many years of experience and established the largest city on Radiant in Starwars which at its peak had almost 400 inhabitants and many more structures.


Anarchy Online, Starwars Galaxies World of Warcraft, Tabula Rasa

-Guidelines and Rules- Some guild rules

   * You must be mature 
   * We hold guild loyalty as the greatest virtue.
   * We seek the mature 18 year or older player but do allow exceptions now and then especially for family members.
   * Guild Ranks are achieved by your level of effort in advance of the guild, be it PVP/PVE or through trade
   * Any player types and styles are welcome, no time requirements for time played or such.
   * Leadership: Scape, with a council of advisors and some sub commanders (PVP/RAID/TRADE).
   * Treat everyone with respect and keep the drama off the guild chat, use the guild leader or advisors as diplomats when there is some strife between members.

Guild Leader: As a leader of the guild it is my job to set the direction of the guild and prioritize what and where we direct our efforts, and to delegate responsibility.

Pax is a very community based guild and we seek players who prefer sharing and working together over solo play.

Leader: Scape Officers emiltw (kayltw), sanchin (sanchin, Megagame (Dalitaz, Hardwolf (hardwolf)

AoC Ranks

   * Potentate - Is the Leader of the guild, but shares decisions with his advisors and the guild when the situation calls for it.
   * Ambassador - Is the head of a department or high ranking guild diplomat.
   * Patrician Officers of the guild have often proven themselves in a capacity for the guild be it PVP,PVE or trade
   * Stateman - A rank given to those that show promise and usually a step towards further advancement.
   * Partisan - The basic member rank of the guild
   * Citizen - New member. Usually we have a 2 week trial period for new members, this is voided if the member is a family member of an already full member, but that person is then also in charge of the family members behavior for some time.

How To Apply

Send a tell to Scape (scape,xscape) ingame for invite or register at our forums.

See you in game !,

About us Edit

Pax Romana was founded in Anarchy-Online in 2002-2003 and a good core of the players have kept together since then in and moved on to games like Starwars Galaxies, WoW and Tabula Rasa, our average age is around 25, but span from 17-18 to around 50 with most players being in the 25+ range.


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