Parliament of Rooks is North American PvP guild whose roots began in Shadowbane. Other games we have played include World of Warcraft, City of Heroes, Guild Wars, and we have beta tested Darkfall Online, RYL, and others.

The guild was founded in the summer of 2003 on the Treachery server in Shadowbane.

Our lore will be as it always has been: We are outcasts from across the land brought together by our commonality. Abandoned, orphaned, exiled or lone wanderers, we have all found a home with one another. Out of the conflagration of turmoil across the land we have forged a new family with one another.

We are the calm storm. On the surface the clouds swirl and tumble, but underneath a maelstrom broils. Harm one Rook and you will bring down the fury of the flock upon your head.

Restricted Culture: No cultures are restricted

Restricted Class: No classes are restricted

Our website:

We are recruiting for Age of Conan. See us in game or come to our website if you are wanting a new home.

Sedare Aeolius

Guild Leader and Founder of Parliament of Rooks

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