Guild Information
Guild name Ordo Adeptio
Timezone GMT
Language English, Swedish
Server Type Aquilonia

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: Ordo Adeptio
  • Guild Website:
  • Guild Forums:
  • Main Time Zone: GMT
  • Guild Leader: Quintila
  • Guild Recruiter: Officials: Synthrax, Aurore, Powerfox; however, all are welcome to recruit into the Guild.
  • Guild category: PvP-Rp, Helping Guild, General Gaming Community Guild
  • Roleplay: Down to personal preference.
  • Server type: Rp-PvP
  • Voice: Ventrilo - contact a member for more details.
  • Recruiting members status: The Guild is currently recruiting new members.
  • Age: The age limit to join Ordo Adeptio is 18+ (Although exceptions can be made)

About us Edit

Ordo Adeptio was one of the main groups associated with the launch of, in fact, Call of Duty 4. Under the title Rampaging Soldiers, the members of Ordo Adeptio were a tight unit of soldiers on the battlefields of the Enemydown Gaming Leagues, coming to be a close contender to the hot shots. Now the time has come to expand horizons; under the pseudonym Ordo Adeptio, Rampaging Soldiers develops a wider base to appeal to the world of Hyboria, with already highly skilled members of Ordo Adeptio playing in the realms of Conan, there is alot of benefit to be had when joining a Guild which can prove beneficial at the worst of times. We are recruiting people who are happy to help the new players (if asked), are willing to attend Raids when avaliable, and are more than happy to contribute to the Guild maintenance and, in return, you shall receive and abundance of players willing to aid you in whatever you desire. There is no differentiation between friends and Guild acquaintances in Ordo Adeptio - only the fact we are all comrades under the banner to make the fight to reach the top of Hyboria that much easier for those who cross our path.

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