Guild Information
Guild name Northern Alliance
Timezone GMT/GMT+1
Language English
Server Type Fury

General Information Edit

  • About us: Northern Alliance were originally a 'World of Warcraft' guild. We started out on one of the game’s largest populated server EU-Ravencrest, where we in time became a highly competitive raiding guild. We are a guild with members that has good bonds between each other, bonds that have lasted for a long time. Most of our members are stationed in Northern Europe, but we fully embrace members from other parts of Europe.. It is always been a goal for Northern Alliance to do well and keep a good reputation, but we are not a guild who aim to be number one.

History Edit

"Roaming Internet worlds since 2005”

Chapter 1. NA:WoW – The beginning

Everything has a story, even guilds, and ours began in Blizzard’s World of Warcraft.

The name ‘Northern Alliance’ was brought from a game called CastleQuest 2, from a kingdom with the same name. The kingdom consisted mostly of Scandinavians, thereof the “Northern” part. The name moved along with me to World of Warcraft and was an apparent fit since we were only Norwegians in the guild at the creation of it. Today our ranks consist of a wider nationality base, although our core is northern-European. It has been pointed out that the name is unoriginal due to encountered other guilds with almost the same. But our name is now something we're fond of and accustomed to, besides; it's not the name, but the people that matters!

Northern Alliance were officially founded in January 2005 a few weeks prior to the European release of World of Warcraft. The first - laggy but oh' so awesome - steps into Azeroth were taken in the Korean beta. This was the very beginning and we were only a small 15 man guild that just roamed around in Azeroth trying to figure out what the hell to do. Then 2-3 days after the official wow-release Northern Alliance was created on the EU-Ravencrest server.

After a few months we took a step up and merged with Frostbite. The Northern Alliance name was kept, but the structure changed. This merge made us evolve into a guild capable of conquering the challenges that the toughest internet monsters in Azeroth presented! Time went… raiding become farming, and farming become intensive, and after several weeks in Naxxramas it came to a point where a change was needed. The fact that Ravencrest was haunted by lag was unavoidable. So it was decided to pass a vote on whether or not we should transfer to another server. The vote passed and 95% of the guild moved along to the new server EU-Boulderfist. This was a fresh start for Northern Alliance on a stable server.

We had a blast on the new server, life was good and so was raiding... until 'The Burning Crusade' expansion was released. People lost their iron-will and the progress halted, which again resulted in a crisis. The end result was simple, we stopped raiding and people split up. So after 2years and 2weeks it was over. There have been much talk about what really went wrong, but I personally believe the game lost its charm with 'The Burning Crusade'. There was a change of mentality; some wanted more, some less.

Our story is similar to other guilds, we have had our ups and we have had our downs. What can’t be explained are the memories you are left with, memories of past events and of persons you have met. This is what truly makes you smile in the end of an online day.

Chapter 2. NA:AoC – Reunited

A sad end of chapter 1, but a happy continuance! A question if we should fire up the guild in a new game came up, and the proposal was Age of Conan. Even though the interest in Age of Conan received a lukewarm reception among some of our members. The will to reunite overcame the initial skepticism and today we're many eagerly awaiting to enter the Hyborean age. So during the summer 2007 it was decided to start Northern Alliance again in Funcom’s Age of Conan. Not only to play the game, but to socialize and for the entertainment of listening to crazy talk about killed fathers and stolen swoards. This time it will even be by the lore!

Our playerbase mainly consist of Scandinavians, but there are several members from other countries as well. We're EU based and the guild-language is English. We like to think we're informal in style, but effectively organized in structure. We play for fun, but fun is achieving something in Northern Alliance.

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