Guild Information

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: Ninth Legion
  • Guild Website:
  • Guild Forums:
  • IRC:
  • Main Time Zone: GMT
  • Guild Leader: Charxx
  • Guild Recruiter: Anamaxes
  • Guild category (PvE, PvP, Raid, Other): PvE, Role Play
  • Roleplay: As much as possible
  • Voice: Most likely Ventrilo
  • Recruiting members status: Open
  • Server type: RP-PvE
  • Platform: PC
  • Age: Mature only

About us Edit

Look sharp, soldier! You’re a legionnare of the IXth now, the Valorous and Victorious! Not some filthy Pict living on a dung heap and fighting for drink money with a sharpened stick! You’ll learn, don’t worry, lad. You’ll learn or you’ll perish, and they’ll bury you with your sword and shield and say a prayer to Mitra –may his light protect and guide us- and that will be the end of you! Eh!? What’s the matter? Chin up soldier, we fight for the glory of all true Aquilonians, and our descendants will honour our names and build statues of bronze for even the least amongst us! We do Mitra’s work here, lad, remember that. Conan would have our people crawling in the muck like pigs! He is no king. Born a savage, die a savage. You can’t learn nobility lad, and that’s what Duke Quintius of Westermarck wants to return to the royal palace in Tarantia; nobility, integrity….honour! But listen to me, I’m getting ahead of myself, all this talk of the throne and here’s you with nary a battlescar to your name! Tst…we’ll see to that lad, don’t you worry, there’s sword work aplenty in the border kingdoms, not least for an Aquilonian renegade, which is what we are, at least until that filthy Cimmerian butcher is hanging from the gallows and Quintius assumes his place as rightful King of Aquilonia. So here we are….the border kingdoms, and Campus Razyges, our home away from home, a little piece of Aquilonia right here in the mountains….what’s that look laddie? You don’t like the place? Well here’s an idea, you can take latrine duty for the next two weeks, how’s that?! Give you a chance to spruce the place up a bit, and get some real hands on experience of life in the Legion! Don’t eyeball me soldier, I’ve been stared at by cutthroats and mercenary’s who’s serving wenches would eat you for breakfast, and I’m not impressed. You’ll come to love Campus Razyges for what it is son…..refuge. These are troubled times lad, and we must look first to our own defense. The border kingdoms offer sanctuary, but there are dangers in that region too, not the wretched dogs who’ve sworn fealty to the Conan, our former borthers in arms who’ve abandoned their honour and their country, but be sure, in these dark times we’ll not have to look far for enemies outside our own borders. Our first and only priority is to restore the true noble line of kings to the throne in Aquilonia, but to do that we need swords, and men to wield them, and for that we need gold, but more than anything we need to survive, lad! If the wild lands swallow us up the dream of restoring Aquilonia to it’s former glory gets swallowed up with us! But don’t worry, you’ve got your job to do, and you’ll do it. You’ve the look about you, I wouldn’t be too surprised to turn around and find you wearing one o’ these here centurion stripes on your breastplate in the not too distant future! Yes yes I know….you just want to fight the fight, not in it for the glory, well that’s good news lad, but there’s more to this uniform than swinging a sword, the IXth Legion needs fighting men, to be sure! But we’re also going to need merchants, craftsmen, diplomats and financiers….I can see I’m losin’ you…..right! Step to it legionnare, that field equipment isn’t going to unpack itself, you’ve got manouvers in 5 minutes and the penalty for being late for manouvers is…that’s right, you got it, latrine duty. By Mitra I’m just glad General Varus isn’t here to see what weak chinned half-men we’re letting into the legion these days, now when I joined, back before the Jozien campaign……

The Valorous and Victorious IXth will look to build a cohesive core of players that can rely on the right classes to be online regulary to form up for raiding. We will be looking to add all the crafting roles to allow us to keep cashflow in house and ease lvling of crafts, through a tax system and guild bank. As soon as possible we will look to establshing a Keep/City. In essence we will try to become a self sufficent, hardcore bunch. Enemies/Allegiances: Until we decide upon server type we will not know who to make as E/A, but as a guide our race type will include all but Stygian and Gods will include Mitra (Major) & Ilas (minor)

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