Guild Information
Guild name Nex Monachus

Timezone Oceania
Language English
Server Type PvP

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: Nex Monachus
  • Guild Website:
  • Main Time Zone: GMT+10, Oceania
  • Guild Leaders: Deliriem and Thejanitor
  • Guild Recruiter: Deliriem
  • Guild category: PvP
  • Roleplay: no
  • Voice: Vent 30+
  • Recruiting members status: Open all Classes
  • Server type: PvP
  • Age: 18+

About us Edit

We are a brand new Oceanic PvP guild recruiting more members before release. All our core members are experienced in MMORPG's and our officers know how to run a large guild. We are mature players who do see daylight so the guild will not be super hardcore. Basically we are looking for people who want a fresh start in a new game with new people. No cliques, no powergamers and no kids.

Our focus is going to be mainly PvP with a little PVE (very very little) on the side. We have a website and Vent server already operational which will be maintained by the guild leaders. Ideally we would like to maintain a reasonable size of about 30-40 regular players while keeping a good class balance. We will be operating as a Merc guild with a large emphasis on skilled group and 1v1 PvP.

If this sounds like what you are looking for, feel free to apply.

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